Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Met the goal of 150 sheet sets and some more Thank you's!

You have done it again. Another Goal met! We have successfully collected 150 twin sheets sets for the boarding school kids in Korah! ( Some we have received already, some are being shipped, some we have purchased with your donation money). We want to Thank everyone that has made it possible for us to bring 150 sheet sets to Korah!

We are still in need of monetary donations to purchase beds. SO far we have raised $335 towards the bed project and we are trying to reach $2500. If you would like help us reach our goal you can go the website at . We want to thank everyone for being so generous!

Thank you to the following people for your recent donations to the sheet/bed project in Korah, Ethiopia.

The Holland Family
The Sturner Family
The Mc Carthy Family
The Hochstetler Family
The Strieby Family
The Chaffin Family
The Kasianczuk Family
The Holmes Family
The Bess Family
The Brackett Family
The Darnell Family
The Basso Family
The Hobbs Family ( in honor of their new Grandson from Ethiopia)
The Hajjami Family



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