Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day Two

We all woke up to a gorgeous Kazakh day! After a shared breakfast and energizing prayer circle, we were off! With the playground completed we had been offered a day of baby playing and then sightseeing.

Tim, Susan, and Janet headed to the infant room where kissing, hugging, rocking, ooo’ing and ahh’ing commenced. We were allowed the gift of observing a new mom bonding with her soon to be adopted infant. In this room there are two girls and eight boys.  The director shared with us that all 10 are in the process of in country adoption. Praise God!

Lanetta and Bailey played with the toddlers, arranging them in formation on the play mat like beautiful peas in a pod. Tummies were tickled, cheeks were kissed, and hearts were breaking with joy and with sadness.  No one is being adopted from this room that we are aware of.

Jim visited the caregivers that cared for his son while he lived in this baby house.

Lori, Ayman and Kiefer were out and about preparing for the ribbon ceremony tomorrow to give the playground to the baby house.

After our time at the baby home we hopped in taxis and were off to the mountains for a fabulous Kazakh meal at an outdoor restaurant. Lagman, salad, sliced meats and yes more horse meat. And it was good. Then we visited a huge Mosque and were allowed a visit inside wearing robes and head coverings per instruction.

We visited a park with beautiful gardens of Kazakh tulips and a village of complete replicas of homes from Kazakhstan and surrounding countries.

Each one of us is feeling like we have broken down walls, personal and global, opening dusty corners of our hearts. The day ended with calls to home.

Tomorrow there is a ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the playground and the children are putting on a little concert for us.  We are so excited it gives us goosebumps!

Written by Susan Collins

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Anonymous said...

The children are beautiful! It makes me wish I could hold them and love on them too!

God bless you all!

Kristy Werner
Perkins, OK