Friday, February 29, 2008


This week we have been working on the first edition of our newsletter. If you would like a copy via snail mail or email please email us or leave a comment with your address.

We have your address if you sent a donation and will be sending you one.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cookbook submitted

Yesterday I sent the cookbook order form and all the text we want included to the publisher via Fed Ex. At the box I gave the envelope a little pat and wished it safe travels to Nebraska. We had to type all the recipes into this online software program and submit that too. That took a long time, especially proofing it, but last night I hit "submit" so there is no turning back! Not sure when we will get the proof back. The company says it takes 35-40 working days to complete the order, so maybe 28-30 days? Who knows! We are super excited to see the finished product.

This week we would like to say thank you to Michelle (Illinois), Mary (Minnesota), The Bennett Family (Virginia), Catalina (New York), Beth (Connecticut) and The Sale Family (Ohio) for their great donations. As of today we have; 288 pairs of shoes, 408 pairs of socks, 19 pairs of slippers, 68 sleepers/pajamas, 5 snowsuits, 9 coats, 10 tights and 13 hats!

We are continuously moved by your outpouring of love!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gracious gifts

We just wanted to give everybody an update on the donations. We have now receieved 194 pairs of shoes and we don't even know how many pairs of socks. Before we ship them we will get you the exact total. This week we received boxes from Gretchen (Tennessee), Susan (Florida) and Greta (Florida). Also, we have already received 39 packages of sleepers and pajamas for next month's donation. The outpouring of love is unbelievable. We thank you all so much for helping to change the lives of these children!

Another blessing we received this week is that someone has graciously offered to donate the money that it costs for us to print the cookbooks. So now you know that 100% of the money we raise will go to the orphans of Kazakhstan. Wow, God is so good!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Overwhelmed with your generosity~ UPDATED 2/17

We don't even know what to say or how to thank everybody for their kindness and generosity. This week we have collected over 175 pairs of shoes. We now have 185 pairs of shoes waiting to go to Kazakhstan. Stacy's bestfriend's mom, Marcia, owns a shoe store and donated 109 pairs of tennis shoes. We also got boxes from Julie (Ohio), Ann (Indiana), Jessica (Georgia) and Kim (California). We are so completely overwhlemed. There is just no way to thank everybody for their kindness. As we sorted through everything, I just kept picturing the kids faces as they open a box with a new pair of shoes in it. We were talking about how we remembered as children being soooo excited to get a new pair of shoes and we got them often. Can you imagine how it will feel to get a new pair of shoes, especially if they have never received a new pair? We have also already started to get sleepers and pajamas for next months donation! Thank you Julie for the onesies and hats, they will definitely come in handy since they have 15 layers on in the baby home. Ann you are too much, thank you for sending all of the diapers and clothes! Stacy found pajamas on sale at Old Navy yesterday and bought them for next months boxes.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everybody and let you know that we are grateful for your support. We started this ministry so that we could not only take care of the children that will soon find their forever families but those children that will never get a chance to be adopted. We know that each one of these children were a part of God's Perfect plan and precious creation and we intend on making their lives a little better. Together, we can make a difference!!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Update~People have asked if it is too late to send shoes or when was the cut off for sending shoes. We wanted to tell everyone that it is never too late and we will take any donation whenever you want to send them. We set up a different monthly donation because we thought it would easier for people to focus on one thing at a time. We will ship our stuff the first week of every month. So February's donation will go out the first week in March, etc. If you miss the shipment we will send your donations in the next months shipment. Also, don't forget to look at the months ahead when you are out gathering donations, I noticed today that the winter pajamas and coats went on clearance. :-)

March~pj's and sleepers, April~coats, May~hygiene products

Friday, February 15, 2008

Deadline Up

Thank you to all who submitted recipes. Yesterday was the last day to submit and we received about 300! We are now proofing the cookbook and should send it in to the publisher sometime next week. We will let everyone know as soon as it is complete.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Big Day!!

We are so excited to report that we received our first pair of shoes and a package of socks today! We are overwhelmed with excitement and can't say thank you enough for supporting our mission to bring smiles to the orphaned children of Kazakhstan. The shoes came all the way from Trophy Club, TX!  Thank you again for taking the time to make a difference!

We are also very excited to report we have reached 206 recipes. We have recipes from California to Connecticut and Canada to Spain! Keep them coming, one more week to go!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Donation of the month!!

I know we are all focusing on the cookbook efforts but let's not forget about the donation of the month!! The donation for this month are shoes and socks. If you take a look above, these are actual pictures of children's feet at the Karakastek baby home (which houses children up to age 7). Slippers and sandals with their toes hanging over, how sad is that! Doesn't every child deserve a new pair of shoes, just one time in their life??? Please consider donating even just one pair. Imagine the smile on that child's face when they get handed a new pair of shoes or socks!! Our shipping address is:

Two Hearts for Hope

P.O. Box 1928, Lebanon

MO 65536.

If you need a physical address please email us!! Thank you in advance!!!

And don't forget we only have 10 days left for recipes.......




The first 10 families to send in FIVE family recipes AND refer a friend to send in recipes too will receive a FREE copy of the cookbook upon publication.


- The recipes DO NOT have to be Kazakh
- The friend DOES have to be a KAZ family
- Recipes and friends recipes must be submitted by FRIDAY, 2/8/08

We hope you will all participate!