Monday, November 29, 2010

Lada update

Lada's Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) was closed by a procedure known as cardiac catheterization*. When she went in for surgery the doctors thought the hole was only 1.5 cm but upon seeing the defect they realized it was 2.5. The doctors told Lada's parents that without this surgery she probably would have not made it much longer. She should live a normal full life now.

*Cardiac Catheterization ~ A flexible tube (a catheter) is inserted into a blood vessel in the leg that leads to the heart. A cardiologist guides the tube into the heart to make measurements of blood flow, pressure, and oxygen levels in the heart chambers. A special implant, shaped into two disks formed of flexible wire mesh, can be positioned into the hole in the septum. The device is designed to flatten against the septum on both sides to close and permanently seal the VSD.

Thank you so much to all who supported Lada through donations and prayers! You truly saved a life.

Lada and her dad on the train to Almaty

The hospital in Moscow

Pre-op check up

Cards of support, prayers and well wishes


Ready to go home

Monday, November 15, 2010


Our 2010 Christmas ornaments are in!

This ornament is the second in our continuing Christmas series and features a sketch of the playground we built this year at the Children's Home in Almaty City. It is 2 1/2'' in diameter, custom pewter, hand sculpted with satin pewter finish, and has a red ribbon! Cost is $20 (includes shipping) and will make the perfect holiday gift for anyone in your life! Give as a gift and we will enclose a note card stating a donation has been made in honor of the recipient. All proceeds will go towards our continued efforts in Kazakhstan.

Quantity limited to 100 ornaments. Get yours before they are gone!

You can purchase the ornaments from our online shop by clicking here!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2011 Cherished Children calendar

Our 2011 calendar is in the final stages of being printed and it is beautiful! Once again Ann Hochstetler did a fantastic job creating it and we thank her very much!

To pre-order your calendar and to guarantee holiday delivery please visit our shop today and place your order!