Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Women's Prison

Two Hearts is helping purchase some items for a women's prison in Almaty, Kazakhstan this Christmas Season after we received a call last week saying that the Ministry of Justice in Almaty needed help!

Some women come to the prison pregnant and/or with children and instead of sending the babies and children to the orphanages the prison does it's best to keep the families together. The prison has an orphanage for children up to 5 years old that is very poor and lacking a lot of basic necessities. The prison also acts as a maternity hospital for pregnant mothers. If the women choose to keep their child the prison helps them to do that.

We are trying to stop the cycle of orphans by helping these women with items that will allow them to keep their children with them in prison. If not, the children will be brought to the orphanages.

The prison is in need of many items but the most important to MOJ are the necessities for the orphanage in the prison.

These are some of the things you can help us sponsor this year:

$147 for plates and spoons
$300 for Diapers
$150-$180 for 25 pots and pans
$700 for 14 radiators
$100 for 4 irons
$250 for 5 strollers
$300 for baby wraps
$100 for sterilizer for baby things
$100 shelves

You can sponsor one whole item or just a part of something specific. You can donate $5 or $10 towards something. However you want to do it. If you want to do it in honor of one of your loved ones please let us know and we can mail them (or you a card to give them) and we will honor them on our website.

We are excited about this opportunity to branch out and feel blessed the Lord has trusted us to help these women and children. Thank you for helping us to make a difference this Christmas season!

- To make a donation through paypal - go to our website and select "DONATE NOW." Please indicate in the note what you would like to sponsor.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The playground is delivered!!!

The playground has been delivered to Kazakhstan! We are halfway through our fundraising goal!

Please consider making a monetary donation, purchasing an ornament or calendar to help us reach our goal so we can construct the playground in May!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Two of our board members are hosting online parties for Mary Kay and Pampered Chef to raise money for our playground project! Perfect way to get some holiday shopping done and support Two Hearts as well!

Need Mary Kay? Shop on line at http://www.marykay.com/Denise-Miller--for every $40.00 you spend between Sunday Nov. 30th and midnight Friday Dec. 4th, Denise will donate $5.00 to "Two Hearts for Hope" playground campaign--to build a playground for an orphanage in Kazahkstan. Just put "Two Hearts for Hope" in the comment section when checking out. Also indicate if your order is needed by Christmas. Spread the word to anyone you know--lets make this a huge success for the orphans in Kazahkstan. Thanks!

Pampered Chef: These cooking items make wonderful Holiday gifts.
The best part is that 20-25% of the sales of this party will go to a charity very dear to my heart, Two Hearts For Hope. Two Hearts For Hope works very hard to bring hope to the children in Kaz living in orphanages. The money raised from this party will go to fund a playground for an orphanage in Almaty. Please consider a purchase anytime. It doesn't have to be made at the party! Order now until December 11 to receive your gifts by Dec 18th. Thanks for your support. http://www.pamperedchef.biz/angelahays?showId=2352020

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mission Trip

We are excited to announce the dates for our 2010 Mission Trip! We will be traveling April 30th through May 9th to Almaty City where we hope to build our playground at the Children's Complex! If you would like more information on joining us on this life changing trip to see first hand God's work, please contact us at info@twoheartsforhope.org

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas Ornaments!

Introducing our first Two Hearts for Hope Christmas Ornament. This ornament will be the first in a series we hope to continue for years to come! 2 1/2" diameter custom pewter ornament, hand sculpted, hand satin pewter finish, with green ribbon! These ornaments will be $25 (includes shipping) and make the perfect holiday gift for anyone in your life! Give as a gift and we will enclose a note card stating a donation has been made in honor of the recipient. What a perfect way to give this holiday season! All proceeds will go towards our playground project in Almaty City!

You can purchase them from our website, http://www.twoheartsforhope.org/ornaments.html.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Preorder your calendar today!

Visit our website today to preorder your calendars! www.twoheartsforhope.org

Calendars are $20.50, this includes printing, packaging and shipping. 100% of the proceeds will go towards building a playground at the Children's Complex in Almaty City. We estimate the calendars will be shipped towards the middle of November, plenty of time for the holiday season! These adorable children will make any home a little brighter in 2010!


Don't forget there is only 6 days left to vote for your favorite charity. Click here to vote for Two Hearts for Hope, Lebanon, MO. Thank you for your support!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Preview - take a look!! UPDATED

Here is a preview of two calendar pages! Look at how adorable these kiddos look!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

2010 Two Hearts Calendar

We are now accepting photos for our 2010 calendar! Please send us one picture of your Kazakh cutie to kim@twoheartsforhope.org by October 15th. We will have them shipped to you in plenty of time for the holiday season.

All proceeds from the calendar will go towards the playground project in Almaty City.

The calendars will make a perfect gift and help a great cause!

Don't miss out on being included in this awesome and adorable calendar!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blind children, Special needs and the Children's home

Playground site!

What a day, what a week, WOW. How do I begin? Today our day started with visiting the blind childrens home in the city. There are 212 children there. It was a wonderful home where orphaned children and children that have parents study and live. It is for children that are blind, partially blind or have vision problems. If they are orphaned the government pays if they have parents the parents have to pay. These children are in a wonderful place. The director is SO kind and caring and asked us many times if we could visit a blind school in America and then come back to tell her what they are doing there so she knows if they need to add anything to her school. She genuinely cares about the children, she genuinely wants them to be something in life. She did tell us that in Kazakhstan the people view these children as throw aways and will not hire them even if they have a university education. It was very uplifting to know that some people really do care about the kids.

Our next stop was the special needs orphanage. 250 kids live here. Talk about a pathetic place . Very eye opening and very sad. We first handed out some wheelchairs, the kids were so excited. We had 5 and we could have used 50 at least. The first boy was so excited. He wheeled his chair EVERYWHERE. When we got to the 2nd floor to hand the last one, a little boy crawled in and said he heard that we are handing out wheelchairs and at this point we were out. It was the most sad thing I have ever seen. He cried and cried until finally we went and got the one that we were saving for the little girl in the hospital. None of us could take it so we had to give it to him. It was a very enlightening and heart wrenching experience. Knowing that most of these children will never be adopted is so very sad! But knowing that we made a bit of a difference makes it all worth.

Our last stop was the children's home where we are building the playground. Oh what a FABULOUS place, I mean fabulous an in clean, caring and way better than we have seen all week. The assistant director is such an awesome woman. The regular director is in America right now so we toured the facility with her. I bet she knows every kid by name and they all come running to hug her when they see her. She is definitely a very caring and sensitive woman! We could not have picked a better place for this playground to go. If the children have to live in a orphange setting without parents this is the place they will learn about love and life skills. This CH houses 350 children. Yes I really said 350, it is the largest orphanage in the country of Kazakhstan. It used to be CH#3 but now it is called the Children's home complex and it houses children age 3-18. I asked her if people come for the older ones and she said yes sometimes. She also told me that she loves americans because they don't just pick the kids with the best looks, they pick the kids that are close to there heart. She also Thanked me at least 50 times for the playground and for the help. She said we were welcome anytime. It was still sad to know that that are so many children with no parents but at least these children are in a loving environment and are thriving and learning life skills. The playground will go to good use!

As we wrap up our trip, we want you all to know that all of your support whether it be large or small is making a difference. Our organization is one that was started to care for the ones that were left behind. That is and ALWAYS will be our primary goal for the children of Kazakhstan. God tells us to take care of the orphans, if we don't who will?? Thank you for following our journey this week. There will be a next time, so start praying now. If you would like to join our team next year please let us know. We haven't got the dates set yet but we are working on some projects that will need your help! Thanks again!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Karakastek Day 4

Well today was our last day at Karakastek. It was another hard and emotional day but I actually held it together for most of the day until our goodbyes. We brought the kids pastries, yogurt, apple juice and candy. THEY LOVED IT! We set up a party in the cafeteria for the 33 older children not including the ones in isolation which is 12. There are also 30 babies. So all together as of today there are 75 children. Most of which are unadoptable for reasons beyond my comprehension. People here use the orphanages as babysitters or temporary housing for their children. The orphanage is like a prison for the innocent children, These children have no future, no hope, no love. There are several children that have parents that will not sign away their rights and unlike America, in Kazakhstan they do not make them. Even if the parents haven't seen the children in years, they still control their future. The government here protects the parents rights instead of the children. It is sad. That is something that needs to be changed, maybe I can work on that.

The party was fantastic and the children all gave us hugs to say thank you. Then we played a little and visited with the director and doctor. I cried while saying goodbye to each and everyone of the children. Of course thay have all captured my heart and there are several that I will NEVER forget. They are truly the innocent and have no idea what their lives could be like. This week we brought them coats, hats, gloves, vitamins, medical supplies, toothbrushes, toothpaste, underwear, socks, blankets, pajamas, toys, art supplies and playground balls. I am not naive to think the some of these things will not be taken from them. I know that some of the people here will pilfer thru it take what they want and then the children will get the rest. But I know that even if the children get at least one more thing than they had when we got here we made a difference. As we drove out of the driveway today I thought to myself that I know someday I will return. Someday I will be back to love on the children, God willing someday I will return!

We have enjoyed our time in Kazakhstan so much, people have been so cordial and kind. We have had many feasts and lots of tea. This experience has changed us both forever. Almaty is a great place for a mission trip there are 11 orphanages with a 60 mile radius. This orphanage building is so old and is in need of so many things, Windows being the most needed. Tomorrow we go to the special needs and blind orphanages to drop off some more donations and the wheelchairs.

We (Kim and I) really want everybody to know how much we truly appreciate your support. This trip could not have been possible without your generosity, support, donations and prayers. This week has been emotionally and physically draining and SO worth all of it!!!! We know that GOD can move mountains for these children, so join me in praying for their future. Join me in praying that GOD can find them all a home, someone to tuck them inat night, someone to love them, someone for them to call MAMA. Thanks again!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Karakastek Day 3

Today has been an overwhelming and emotional day and I don't even know where to begin. I can't sit down to gather my thoughts so I will just let the pictures do the talking.

We delivered tricycles and ride along toys along with bananas. The kids were very excited! I just want to make sure and ask everyone to pray for these precious children. They need mamas and papas. I cried from the time we entered the orphanage until about and hour after we left. It hit me more than ever today that these innocent sweet precious babies are rotting away inside and out. I can't help but want to take them all home. This trip has changed me even more than I had already been changed...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Karakastek Day 2

This morning when we woke up it hit me when I was reading all of the comments that we really are here trying to make a difference in the lives of these orphans. The drive was a little quieter this morning just thinking about all of the sweet precious children that are in need of a mommy and a daddy to love them. It is not just here, there are orphans all over the world that need a home. If you have ever thought about adopting or you are now PLEASE follow your heart. Your life will forever be changed !! Ours has in more way than one!

When we arrived today we went straight to the Baby floor to give them some toys for their cribs and a bouncer to hopefully help with the atrophy in their legs. The babies in this specific BH are below average size and pretty understimulated. Most have never been out of their crib and most have never had a hug. I know from first hand experience that they are definitely not the healthy bouncing babies they should be. It make me sad that with just a little bit of love they could be so much! When we were handing out the toys their were a few that would yell out to us and even a few that yell MAMA. Yes I cried. I told the doctor today that I was going to bring them home in my backpack and she just smiles. Little does she know that I am serious :-)). They need mamas, send mamas!!! It amazes me how nice they are to us since we are here to help. They let us pick up the babies, take pictures, enter rooms and roams the floors. We even got to see the isolated babies (11 one year olds) today.

After we were done with the babies we went to the second floor where the 18 month-3 year olds (15 in the group) and the 3-7 year olds (22 the group) live. There are 2 seperate groups so first we seperated the toys for the proper age and then we started with the younger group. They sat so good for us to hand them out. I even took a video so you guys could see what a difference the little things are making. They we so excited with their new toys. We also brought them bananas. They each got their own. Then we made it down the hall to the older kids and passed out coloring books and crayons to each of them. They each got 2 toys and 3 cans of playdoh and some stickers. They were so excited, so excited and some of the kids built Beautiful things with the playdoh. We blew up some beach balls and played for awhile.

I asked about he availability on some of the children today and found out that most of the older children are unadoptable because one of their family members have not signed away their rights. It makes me sick that they don't have a better system here. So basically these children will grow up in an institution and be kicked out on the streets when they are 16. Makes my hearts sink that they will be sent to the children's home at age 7 and their innocence will be taken from them as they fend for there life. Being here as a guest you learn so much more about what is going on in the orphanages. Just trust me when I say that it is not a pretty situation when they arrive at the children's home. From Rape to selling children. How could people be so heartless?? I just keep thinking that those people will pay someday for their corruption, but it makes me sick that they are taking innocent children down in the meantime.

This has been a very emotional trip for me partly because I never thought I would be back and partly because I know my daughter could be one of these children that has no love, hope or family. As I sit here tonight in our hotel room I am thanking God that he brought me to Kazakhstan to adopt my precious Haven and for opening my eyes to the reality that their are children all over the world that are suffering. Knowing that we, all of you reading this, have helped bring hope, smiles and a little bit of love even for just 4 days, makes me smiles thru my tears. I know this time that we will be back, we will be back to love on these kids, we will be back to hug them tight, we will be back to Kazakhstan.
We miss you Kim and wish you were here. Next year my friend, next year!!!

There are 143 million orphans in the world. They know what it is like to be abandoned and afraid. Who will tuck them in at night or wipe their tears? Will you be one to make a difference in the lives of the orphans around the world???? Thank you for helping us make a difference!!

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