Monday, June 10, 2013

Exciting News and more Thank You's!

We are so excited to tell you that we have not only met our goal of $2500 for beds in Korah, but we have exceeded it with $2870!! We are so excited to see what God has in store for our team when we arrive in Ethiopia. Be sure to follow along here July 5- July 14 to see what we are doing on the ground in Korah!

We are still currently fundraising for a new playground in Russia if you have missed this project and would still like to help. Please visit our website at

We want to say Thank you to the following people/families that have recently donated to the Korah project. Thank you for your generosity!

The Simpkins Family
The Holland Family
The Davenport Family
The Mebruer Family
The Arbolino Family
The Morningstar Family
The Zotti Family
The Powers Family
The Wallace Family
The Peaden Family
The Baia Family
The Perkins Family
The Swick Family
The Hochstetler Family
The Trasport Family
The Seanor Family
The Staggenborg Family
The Serges Family
The Gilbert Family
The Joyner Family
The Gregoire Family
The Bilodeau Family
The Falk Family
The Hanks Family
The Hutton Family
The Rhoades Family
The New Horizons
Arlene Levine
Linda Russo
Joi Prud'homme

We can not thank you enough for your support of Two Hearts for Hope!

 ( If for some reason we have missed your name please let us know so we can add it here- Be sure to check the 2 prior blogposts too!)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Met the goal of 150 sheet sets and some more Thank you's!

You have done it again. Another Goal met! We have successfully collected 150 twin sheets sets for the boarding school kids in Korah! ( Some we have received already, some are being shipped, some we have purchased with your donation money). We want to Thank everyone that has made it possible for us to bring 150 sheet sets to Korah!

We are still in need of monetary donations to purchase beds. SO far we have raised $335 towards the bed project and we are trying to reach $2500. If you would like help us reach our goal you can go the website at . We want to thank everyone for being so generous!

Thank you to the following people for your recent donations to the sheet/bed project in Korah, Ethiopia.

The Holland Family
The Sturner Family
The Mc Carthy Family
The Hochstetler Family
The Strieby Family
The Chaffin Family
The Kasianczuk Family
The Holmes Family
The Bess Family
The Brackett Family
The Darnell Family
The Basso Family
The Hobbs Family ( in honor of their new Grandson from Ethiopia)
The Hajjami Family


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thank You to all who have helped Ethiopia

We want to say Thank you to everyone that has helped us get closer to reaching our goal of 150 twin sheets sets and helped us purchase bunk beds and mattresses for Korah, Ethiopia this summer! We still need sheets, stickers, crayons, paper and monetary donations if you want to help too. Visit our website at for more details.

Thank you to the following people:

Donna Arvantis Misewich
Rosemary Freeman
Luby Bartles
Amy Bryan
Sybille Vought
Nancy Rhoades
Donna Colcord
Jocelyn Pardi
Karen Cardin
Kerry Viellella Kruger
Joele Emma  Boty
Wendy McCormick
Terri Bajt
Patti Bajt
Tanner Struck
Sadie Struck
Lara Ford
Sandra and Terry Auberry
Barbara Hogsett
Kay Lashbrook
Jane Herlihy

Your donations are greatly appreciated and God bless you all!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day Four

Today was another amazing day for all of us.  We spent the morning loving on babies AGAIN.   The amount of time and pure freedom we've been given here at this baby house is unbelievable.    This freedom and trust has been amazing.   Almost everyone on our team has been blown away by the trust and kindness extended to us from the staff and director.  This is a complete testament to the incredible organization we are with! We are all HONORED to be apart of this amazing ministry.  Two Hearts for Hope IS proving hope to babies who desperately NEED and DESERVE it!

We decided as a team that we really wanted to take ALL the different groups of children out to play on the new playground today.  It was not hard to find a group of children... honestly you can find a HUGE group of orphans behind most doors around here and there are LOTS of doors.  Have we mentioned there are 117 children in this baby house ALONE!?!   You can hear children, see children and feel children around every corner and turn.   

We took groups out to play on the playground and we enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND!  After a few minutes of playing, laughing and catching kids at the bottom of the slide, I decided to step back for a second.   I then saw children - children running freely and carefree. Children who looked happy, relaxed, and normal.   They were loud and smiling and giggling... They were carefree and honestly I saw HOPE in their eyes and heard it in their laughter.

Tears began to stream down my face as I realized these are the same children who we've seen, played with and loved on for days... The same children that we've watched walk in straight lines in silence and somber... follow commands, dress themselves and follow the rigid regulations of the institutionalized life.   Hope....  I saw a bit of hope today!   Seeing that hope made me so happy because I also knew we were indeed showing them Jesus.

Later in the afternoon we were allowed to feed the children... Yes, I know - it was unbelievable!   For me this was the best part of the entire week.  It was honestly AMAZING!!!!   

We have SO much more to share, but NO TIME to write... the Internet cafe closes SOON - enjoy the pictures and know that when we get home there will be some posts from the team!!  We have LOTS to share!

PLEASE keep praying for us - we feel and covet your prayers!!!

Written by Lanetta Gobble

To see more pictures, visit our facebook page.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day Three

We have reached the midway point for our time here in Ust-Kamenogorsk and today we feel like we have hit our stride. We have been blessed to have unbelievable open access to the kids in the baby house. The entire staff here has welcomed us with open arms....and we are taking full advantage of this wonderful situation and loving on kids every moment we can.

This morning we were treated to a precious performance by the 4 year old kids. The danced and sang and generally stole our hearts. After the performance we presented a new electric keyboard to the music director. She was very appreciative and it is clear from the performance we just watched that it would be put to very good use.

After the performance the whole team headed to the new playground site for a ribbon cutting ceremony. The baby house staff, officials and local news media were in attendance. The baby house Director made a heartfelt speech about how appreciated they are to Two Hearts and to the adoptive parents that helped fund both the playground and the window project. Truly she could not be more sincere.

The best part of the ceremony by far came the moment the ribbon was cut. Twenty excited children swarmed their new playground and their sweet giggles and squeals of joy were all the thanks any of us could hope for!

We have many pictures but internet is super slow.  It is hard to upload one but we will have plenty to share when we return to the USA.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day Two

We all woke up to a gorgeous Kazakh day! After a shared breakfast and energizing prayer circle, we were off! With the playground completed we had been offered a day of baby playing and then sightseeing.

Tim, Susan, and Janet headed to the infant room where kissing, hugging, rocking, ooo’ing and ahh’ing commenced. We were allowed the gift of observing a new mom bonding with her soon to be adopted infant. In this room there are two girls and eight boys.  The director shared with us that all 10 are in the process of in country adoption. Praise God!

Lanetta and Bailey played with the toddlers, arranging them in formation on the play mat like beautiful peas in a pod. Tummies were tickled, cheeks were kissed, and hearts were breaking with joy and with sadness.  No one is being adopted from this room that we are aware of.

Jim visited the caregivers that cared for his son while he lived in this baby house.

Lori, Ayman and Kiefer were out and about preparing for the ribbon ceremony tomorrow to give the playground to the baby house.

After our time at the baby home we hopped in taxis and were off to the mountains for a fabulous Kazakh meal at an outdoor restaurant. Lagman, salad, sliced meats and yes more horse meat. And it was good. Then we visited a huge Mosque and were allowed a visit inside wearing robes and head coverings per instruction.

We visited a park with beautiful gardens of Kazakh tulips and a village of complete replicas of homes from Kazakhstan and surrounding countries.

Each one of us is feeling like we have broken down walls, personal and global, opening dusty corners of our hearts. The day ended with calls to home.

Tomorrow there is a ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the playground and the children are putting on a little concert for us.  We are so excited it gives us goosebumps!

Written by Susan Collins

You can view more pictures on our facebook page.


The lucky winners are:

#1 - Staggenborg
#2 - Belli
#3 - Cohen
#4 - Belli
#5 - Persi
#6 - Floyd
#7 - Struck
#8 - Persi
#9 - Heckert
#10 - A. Truman
#11 - Short
#12 - Martin
#13 - Gilbert
#14 - Serra
#15 - Herman
#16 - Phillips
#17 - Jenkins
#18 - Kitzman
#19 - White
#20 - J. Truman
#21 - Jenkins
#22 - Falk
#23 - D. Truman
#24 - Mechem
#25 - Heckert
#26 - Wilson
#27 - Darnell
#28 - Vought
#29 - Serra
#30 - Morley
#31 - Staggenborg
#32 - Carbone
#33 - Walker
#34 - Day
#35 - Bledsoe
#36 - Falk

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you so much for your support!  The raffle raised $2300 for the start of our playground project.

If you donated an item we will be emailing you the winners mailing address this week.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day One!

The 'dream' team (6 of us) connected successfully in Frankfurt and have not looked back one time!  After over 30 hours of travel we finally arrived in Ust-Kamenogorsk around 4pm on Sunday afternoon.    We then headed straight to the baby house and the 'real' emotions hit!   For many of us this was the first time we've been back in Kazakhstan since leaving with our precious babies through adoption.   Landing once again in our children's birth country felt like a piece of our hearts were reconnected.  Despite any hardships we faced through our amazing and miraculous personal adoptions, we all agreed that there is an amazing love for this country and the orphans left behind!

When arrived at the baby house we were quickly ushered back through the hallways to a back room with an amazing spread of food - a traditional Kazakh meal prepared for us by the director and staff.    We felt like royalty and could not have been more welcomed!  The meal was fabulous - it included amazing traditional Kazakh dishes, salads, etc.  (and YES, there was a horse dish and we ALL ate it and it was DELICIOUS!) (On a side note - we did not know it was horse until after we ate it!)

We enjoyed a wonderful meal with the director and about 10-12 of the staff.  It was truly an amazing opportunity.   :)  They are VERY thankful to Two Hearts for the windows and the improvements that they have done.

We then left the dinner area and headed to meet all the babies.  It was truly amazing, heartbreaking, and emotional to say the least.   There are 117 children from birth to age 4.   We saw, played with, and loved on around 60 of those children.  We all instantly connected with one or three of five of these precious angels.    There were emotions, tears (hidden from everyone except each other) and silent prayers. 

When it was time to rest, we sorted through and unpacked our bags and laughed, cried and shared how already touched and moved we all were.  

We all realize that this team, this group of people will never be the same - and it had only been one day!     We covet your prayers - this is emotional - this is tough - but, we all agree that KNOWING we are in God's perfect will at this EXACT moment of our lives is priceless!!

Written by: Lanetta Gobble

Monday, April 15, 2013

Novgorod Playground Fundraiser!

Novgorod Playground Fundraiser!

It's time for another MEGA fundraiser!  If you missed our exciting announcement last week, the elevator project has been FULLY funded and we are excited to use this to kick off our next big project:

A playground at the Children's Home in Novgorod, Russia

Here's how it works:

View all the items below.
Click the paypal link on the right hand side of the blog under the fundraiser heading.
Tickets are $5 each, 12 for $50 or 25 for $100.

Each item is numbered 1-36.
Email us at with the item number and amount of tickets you would like on each one.
We will send you a confirmation email with your entry numbers.
Winners will be chosen using, an unbiased third party.
Tickets can be purchased until midnight on May 6th.
Winners will be announced May 7th.

#1 - Android Tablet

*7" 5 Point Capacitive Screen
*Allwinner A13 1.2GHz Processor
*Apply Android 4.0 System
*GPU Mali400, support 3D Gaming
*Webcam Wifi

Value: $90
Donated by The Segebarth Family

#2 - Olympus VR-340 digital camera

*16 MP
*10x zoom
*HD 720
*24 mm
*3.0 LCD
*100 bonus prints from Walmart

Value: $150
Donated by The Windsor Family

#3 - Kindle Fire

*7 inch LCD display
*8 GB
*All new-40% faster, twice the memory, longer batter life
*The most popular apps and games - Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, HBO GO, Pandora, Angry Birds Space, and more

Value: $159
Donate by Two Hearts for Hope

#4 - iPod Shuffle with $30 Gift Certificate to iTunes

*2GB newest model
*You choose color
*15 hours of battery life
*Clip it to your backpack, shirt, jacket, workout gear, or purse strap, and your music is just a tap away no matter where you go!
*$30 iTunes GC included

Value: $75
Donated by The Prud'homme Family

#5 - $200 Gift Card to Target

*Gift cards can be redeemed for merchandise or services at Target stores or on

Value: $200
Donated by The Sarandis Family and The Vought Family

#6 - $100 Gift Card to The Disney Store

*Redeemable at DisneyStore.come, Disney Store locations in the U.S., participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida, Disneyland® Resort in California, Disney Cruise Line®,, and

Value: $100
Donated by The Peterson Family

#7 - $100 Gift Certificate to LeslieDeanDesigns

*Gift Certificate towards the purchase of one piece of handcrafted designer jewelry

Value: $100
Donated by Leslie Dean Designs

#8 - Pizza by candlelight gift certificates

*2 gift certificates to California Pizza Kitchen for a free large pizza
*2 gift certificates to Jacks for a free large pizza
*1 gift certificate to DiGiorno for a free large pizza
*1 gift certificate to Tombstone for a free large pizza
*All issued and have an authentic seal from Nestle
*Good in any store and valid for 1 year.
*One scented candle included

Value: $55
Donated by The Elrod Family

#9 - Kazakhstan Felt Map

*Handmade in Kazakhstan
*Features 14 regions
*Measures approximately 18 H inches x 24 W inches

Value: Priceless 
Donated by Two Hearts for Hope

#10 - Kazakh alphabet quilt

*Handmade in Kazakhstan
*Features 42 letters; 33 Russian letters and 9 distinctly Kazakh letters
*Measures approximately 24" H x 18" W 

Value: Priceless 
Donated by Two Hearts for Hope

#11 - Kazakh Nativity Yurt

*Handmade in Kazakhstan
*10 piece Nativity yurt

Value: Priceless 
Donated by Two Hearts for Hope

#12 - 5 piece Matryoshka Doll

*Handmade in Kazakhstan
*5 pieces
*6-7 inches tall

Value: Priceless
Donated by Two Hearts for Hope

#13 - Kazakh Tea Set

*Made in Kazakhstan
*Hand-painted (one cup has small chip)
*Purchased in Taraz

Value: Priceless
Donated by Two Hearts for Hope

#14 - Kazakhstan inspired Thirty-One bag

*Large Utility Tote
*Turquoise Cross-Pop embroidered in Golden Yellow
*Can hold a variety of items

Value: $42
Donated by The Heckert Family

#15 - Kazakhstan colored CROCS and A Family For Eve book

*Turquoise and yellow CROCS
*Size 1/3 youth
*"A Family for Eve" by Kristan Keefe Struck is an endearing story of love, family, and adoption.

Value: $45
Donated by The Kitzman Family and The Struck Family

#16 - Traditional Kazakh Outfits and Matryoshka doll

*Outfits made in Kazakhstan
*Girls dress size XS (probably size 3-4)
*Boys vest and hat.
*Purchased in Almaty
*10 piece small matryoshka made in Kazakhstan.

Value: Priceless
Donated by The Segebarth Family

#17 - Got Love? Tumbler

*16 oz tervis tumbler with lid
*Tumbler says got love? adopt in bright pink and green

Value: $18.95
Donated by The Apisa Family

#18 - Bows and Basket

*18 handmade bows
*1996 Longaberger Charter Membership Basket, new original in box

Value: $110
Donated by The Hochstetler Family

#19 - Boutique Headbands

*A selection of brand new, high quality boutique style headbands
*One size fits all

Value: $20
Donated by The Herman Family

#20 - Pampered Chef Great Grilling Set

*12" BBQ Pizza Pan
*Slots give pizza direct exposure to heat, creating a rich, smoky flavor and grill marks.
*Seasoning and Recipe Collection includes: Chili Lime Rub, Smoky Applewood Rub, Smoky Barbecue Rub and The Pampered Chef®  Grill it Quick! in a muslin gift bag.

Value: $43
Donated by The Falk Family

#21 - Tupperware Perfect Prep Set

*11 piece set includes Quick Chef®  Pro System (Enhanced Quality Guarantee), two each Thatsa®  Bowl 6-cup/1.4 L Minis, 12-cup/2.8L Juniors, 32-cup/7.6L Bowls and 42-cup/10L Mega Bowls, and two Pie Press/Empanada Makers.

Value: $249
Donated by Beth Smith

#22 - Scentsy Gift Pack

*Ashbury plug in warmer 
*Jumpin Jelly Bear Bar
*Blueberry Cheesecake Scent Circle

Value: $28
Donated by Soltana Fox

#23 - The Man Pack

*Cuisinart 14" Portable Charcoal Grill
*Kobalt 24 pc Precision Tool Set
*Wilson NCAA Final Four Basketball (Intermediate size/28.5)

*Wilson Hex Soccer Ball (size 5/12 yrs & older)
*Wilson NCAA Red Zone football (official size/ages 14 & up)

Value: $79
Donated by The Staggenborg Family

#24 - EcoSense Chemical Conversion Pack

*Conversion kit replaces all existing household cleaners and laundry supplies with chemical free products!
*Laundry kit includes 8 chemical free products; stain remover, detergent, color-safe brightener, fabric softener, dryer sheets, wrinkle relaxer, laundry pump, and drain back caps.
*Household kit includes 10 chemical free products; disinfectant, stain remover, wipes, all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, shower cleaner, furniture polish, glass cleaner, and cleaning clothes, 
*Dishwashing kit includes 2 chemical free products; detergent and hand dish liquid.

Value: $100
Donated by Karen Kady

#25 - Bashful Bliss

*Bashful Bliss heart necklace in turquoise with yellow sunflower
*Bashful Bliss T-shirt with three adorable matryoshka dolls, size women's fitted medium

Value: $40
Donated by Robin Jonas

#26 - Ava Anderson Skin Set

*6 piece set with gift box includes; cleanser, toner, moisturizer, lip scrub, eye makeup remover and exfoliator.

Value: $108.95
Donated by The Arbolino Family

#27 - BeautiControl Bath and Body Set

*Basket includes; body lotion, foot scrub, moisturizer, foot lotion, spa socks and margarita lip balm.
*Not pictured but will be included: margarita hand creme and bath salts.

Value: $105
Donated by The Morley Family 

#28 - Thirty-One Tote

*Black Happy Dot Organizing Utility Tote
*Great for your cleaning supplies or sporting gear, or use as an everyday tote or gym bag! Seven side pockets are perfect for shampoo, magazines, and water bottles!
*Approx. 15.5" W x 10.25" H x 6.5" D

Value: $30
Donated by The O'Brien Family

#29 - Thirty One Wristlet

*Patchwork Paisley Timeless Wristlet
*This sleek style is big enough to hold a smartphone but small enough not to drag you down while you're on the run.  If you only need to carry a few essentials, this is the perfect alternative to a heavy purse!
*Approx. 5.25"H x 3"W x 1"D

Value: $25
Donated by The O'Brien Family

#30 - Coach Bag

*New Coach mahogany patent leather crossbody bag and matching wristlet!

Value: $226
Donated by The Peterson Family

#31 - Ronaldo Prayer Bracelet

*The Prayer bracelet features two diamond cut 14K Gold artist wires with center round wire.  There is a center 'window' housing 7 beads representing a prayer for each day of the week.  

Value: $110
Donated by Inga Bass

#32 - Hermes Homage Cuff Bracelet Redux

*Tres Chic! An homage to the great Hermes.  A beautiful cuff bracelet from the orange color leather that Hermes prefers.  There is a gold tone "H" that is very reminiscent of the chic Hermes H.  The cuff bracelet is one inch wide and covered back and front in soft luxurious leather.  This versatile bracelet can be worn dressed up or down.

Value: $135
Donated by Leslie Dean Designs

#33 - Handmade Vintage Custom Jewelry

*Bracelet is made from a vintage replica of a cloth tape measure.  The buttons and earring are 100% vintage  
*Bird-cage pendant is made from a glass marble and comes with 20 inch ball chain

Value: $30
Donated by Bethany Jones

#34 - Tutus, Wings and Girly Things 

*Pastel Polka Dot pettiromper size M (1/2 years) 

*Matching chunky necklace 
*Chevron over the top bow with headband

Value: $40
Donated by Brenda Rogers

#35 - Boys Sleeping Bag

*New, never before used, toddler boys sleeping bag
*Includes heavy vinyl carrying sack

Value: $50
Donated by The Catania Family

#36 - Kazakhstan Photo Book

*One of a kind coffee table book featuring 165 pages of the people and places of Kazakhstan!
*Beautiful photos taken by local Kazakh photographer

Valute: $50
Donated by Jen Kiran