Monday, June 10, 2013

Exciting News and more Thank You's!

We are so excited to tell you that we have not only met our goal of $2500 for beds in Korah, but we have exceeded it with $2870!! We are so excited to see what God has in store for our team when we arrive in Ethiopia. Be sure to follow along here July 5- July 14 to see what we are doing on the ground in Korah!

We are still currently fundraising for a new playground in Russia if you have missed this project and would still like to help. Please visit our website at

We want to say Thank you to the following people/families that have recently donated to the Korah project. Thank you for your generosity!

The Simpkins Family
The Holland Family
The Davenport Family
The Mebruer Family
The Arbolino Family
The Morningstar Family
The Zotti Family
The Powers Family
The Wallace Family
The Peaden Family
The Baia Family
The Perkins Family
The Swick Family
The Hochstetler Family
The Trasport Family
The Seanor Family
The Staggenborg Family
The Serges Family
The Gilbert Family
The Joyner Family
The Gregoire Family
The Bilodeau Family
The Falk Family
The Hanks Family
The Hutton Family
The Rhoades Family
The New Horizons
Arlene Levine
Linda Russo
Joi Prud'homme

We can not thank you enough for your support of Two Hearts for Hope!

 ( If for some reason we have missed your name please let us know so we can add it here- Be sure to check the 2 prior blogposts too!)

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