Thursday, April 29, 2010

The night before

In just about 12 hours, 11 people from all over the country will embark on a life changing journey to Kazakhstan. For most of these people, it will be a return trip to the country where our child(ren) were born. For some it will be a new experience. As we sit here and contemplate how we arrived at this point it all seems miraculous. Just two short years ago we started Two Hearts with the dream of sending shoes to Kazakhstan.

From shoes to a playground.....

In two years we have managed to accomplish things that are beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. If you were to ask us then if we would be leading a team of 11 people on a trip to build a playground, we would have said no way. When we were presented with the playground idea by the orphanage director in Kaz, we thought it would take along time. It is amazing the doors God opened for us and the people He led to our lives. We could not do this without so many of our supporters, especially the 9 other people joining us, and from the bottom of our hearts we say thank you.

As we leave we ask that you be in prayer for the following:

1) The travel of all 11 people. That our planes are not delayed and we arrive safely in Almaty on Sunday morning.
2) Our time in Kaz. That we may complete the task at hand while providing God's promise of HOPE to the children.
3) Our health in Kaz.

We will try and update this blog daily. We will also update Twitter frequently as that can be done easily. We look forward to being the hands and feet of Jesus and hope you will follow along.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The complete list

We just wanted to acknowledge all who sent in donations for our upcoming trip. Thank you just doesn't seem enough but know that we are forever grateful for your generosity.

Alysa English (CO)
Donna Preston (FL)
Kathy Walker (CT)
Lynn Piascyk (CT)
The Whal Family (IN)
Inga Bass (MS)
Jennifer Tenney (IN)
Tanya Cummings (IN)
Angie Wiggins (IN)
Micah Pettes (IN)
Clada Warf (TN)
Colleen Conches (PA)
Sandy Crow (TN)
Andrea Caesar (NH)
The Trawick Family (GA)
Sandi Thompkins (FL)
Ken and Mary Miller (IN)
Herm and Ada Mae Miller (IN)
Donna Perkins (FL)
The Beede Family (MO)
The Horvath Family (GA)
The Woodward Family (NY)
The Crump Family (MO)
The Mechem Family (MD)
The Beasley Family (NC)
The Kudwa Family (WI)
The Gustafson (WA)
The Elrod Family (IL)
The Young Family (MO)
The Robinson Family (Germany)
The Travers Family (RI)
The Collins Family (MO)
The Soum Family (MO)
The Meta Family (OH)
The Biddle Family (CA)
The Akavan Family (FL)
The Cohen Family (CT)
The Dunne Family (VA)
New Have Lighthouse Ministries (MO)
Bright Beginnings Good Samaritans
Pre-K Class (MO)
Anona United Methodist Church (FL)
St. Johns Medical Supply (MO)
Community Gospel Church (IN)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (UT)

In honor of Ida Gooley's 85th birthday:
Mary Jo Arpaia
Linda and Sal Russo
Mark and Karen Pallotto
Wayne and Wendy Luciani
Ettore and Gloria Luciani
Anthony and Wendy Coppola

Little Lions Cloth Diapers
The Wikki Stix Company

Each person that made it possible to purchase four medical boxes from Project C.U.R.E.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Packed and ready to go

T-9 days until we take off!

We are packed and ready to go. A sincere thank you to everyone that sent in donations. We are so grateful to you all for helping us supply the baby homes with the items they specifically requested.

Between the 11 of us we will have 23 bags of donations packed with the following:

90 rattles
13 Bumbos
35 snowsuits
300 shoe covers
40 tubes of diaper rash cream
110 pieces of clothing
60 sneakers
20 dozen cloth diapers
100 crib sheets
100 mattress pads
120 pajamas
188 bubbles
50 craft items
140 bottles of hand sanitizer
1000 Wikki Stix
2000 pieces of medical items and vitamins
7 wheelchairs

"God can turn a little bit of HOPE into a whole lot of Joy"

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our LOI's are here!

This morning we woke up to Letter of Invitations (LOI's) in our inbox. Next step is sending off our VISA applications with our passports. We are sure praying we get them back SOON! We leave in 20 days!

This weekend we are organizing all the donations we have received and will ship them to our team members to bring. We have so many great items, stay tuned for pictures and a complete list of what will be in all 37 (!!!!) bags we are taking!