Thursday, April 29, 2010

The night before

In just about 12 hours, 11 people from all over the country will embark on a life changing journey to Kazakhstan. For most of these people, it will be a return trip to the country where our child(ren) were born. For some it will be a new experience. As we sit here and contemplate how we arrived at this point it all seems miraculous. Just two short years ago we started Two Hearts with the dream of sending shoes to Kazakhstan.

From shoes to a playground.....

In two years we have managed to accomplish things that are beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. If you were to ask us then if we would be leading a team of 11 people on a trip to build a playground, we would have said no way. When we were presented with the playground idea by the orphanage director in Kaz, we thought it would take along time. It is amazing the doors God opened for us and the people He led to our lives. We could not do this without so many of our supporters, especially the 9 other people joining us, and from the bottom of our hearts we say thank you.

As we leave we ask that you be in prayer for the following:

1) The travel of all 11 people. That our planes are not delayed and we arrive safely in Almaty on Sunday morning.
2) Our time in Kaz. That we may complete the task at hand while providing God's promise of HOPE to the children.
3) Our health in Kaz.

We will try and update this blog daily. We will also update Twitter frequently as that can be done easily. We look forward to being the hands and feet of Jesus and hope you will follow along.

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