Monday, August 31, 2009

Mission Trip

Our mission trip is in 3 weeks! We are busy planning and packing for what is going to be a great and life changing trip. We are packing 12 big boxes of donations that will include:

1 Wheelchair
Art supplies
Crib toys
Sports equiptment: includes soccer balls, uniforms, cleats, and shin guards.
Baby carriers
Hygiene products

If you have donated any of the above chances are it will be in our luggage! Please check out the blog daily from September 21 - 26th to see your donations blessing the orphans!

We will be visiting the Karakastek Baby Home in Almaty Monday through Thursday. Some of the activities we have planned are: an arts and crafts day, a day playing sports and a party! We are very excited to spend time with the children and show them some love! On Friday we will be visiting a few orphanages in Almaty City and dropping off donations. Please keep this trip in your prayers! Come along next year!

Thank you to the following families for their donations this summer:

The Elrod Family (IL)
The Marcacci Family (CA)
Diana Combs (IN)
The Marsh Family (MO)
The Fox Family (MO)
The Doan Family (MO)
Holly G Bows (NJ)
The Blackburn Family (AL)
The Smith Family (AZ)
The Altschuler Family (CT)
New Haven Lighthouse Ministries (MO)

And a special thank you to The Bell Family (TN) and the Tennessee Avenue Baptist Church for collecting 1200 art supplies during Vacation Bible School.