Making A Difference

See how we have been helping in Kazakhstan and Russia since we began in 2008:

~ October 2011: "An Orphan's Hope" 5K raised over $8,000 for the Ust-Kamenogorsk Window Project!

~ October 2011: Through one of our great supporters we were able to arrange for Colagate in Russia to donate 200 new toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste to the orphanage in the Novgorod region!  We were told some of the toothbrushes were the electric kind and the kids thought they were the coolest thing!

~ October 2011: We started working in the Volgograd region of Russia.  We were able to support one of the baby orphanages by purchasing medical supplies for the disabled children.  We purchased 4 laser radiation therapy devices, inhalers, walkers, shoe covers, rubber glovers, sterile gowns , gauze and an air ionizer.

~ September 2011: 2 Hearts 2 Kaz Team 2011 traveled to Kazakhstan to replace the beds and mattresses at a Children's Home in Taraz..  They also visited 4 other orphanages.  The team traveled with 2000 donations and 4 50 lb boxes of medical supplies. At the Karakastek orphanage, the team painted and hung wall decals in 5 baby rooms.

~ September 2011: One floor of windows is complete at the Ust-Kamenogorsk baby orphanage in Kazakhstan.  

~ August 2011: We supplied the special needs orphanage in Chilik, Kazakhstan with 35 new cribs and mattresses along with 10 walkers.

~ March/April 2011: 136 orphans in Esik, Karakastek, Pavlodar, and Shelek were able to have a Nauryz celebration.  Each child received a small toy, book, juice and candy.  The orphanages were also given $1000 to purchase much needed supplies.  Some of the items purchased were diapers, medicine, formula, plates, bowls and glasses, and new sheets and blankets!

~ November 2010: In July we were introduced to Lada Khon who was in need of a very urgent heart surgery. Lada's Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) was closed by a procedure known as cardiac catheterization. When she went in for surgery the doctors thought the hole was only 1.5 cm but upon seeing the defect they realized it was 2.5. The doctors told Lada's parents that without this surgery she probably would have not made it much longer. She should live a normal full life now.

~ October 2010: Collected over $8,000 to provide lifesaving heart surgery to a little girl from Taraz, Kazakhstan.

~ September 2010: Our "Walk for Kaz" raised over $10,000 to supply the orphans in Taraz, Kazakhstan with 100 new beds and mattresses.

~ June 2010: Raised over $5,000 to install water filtration systems at the Karakastek orphanage.

~ May 2010:  Raised over $30,000 to build a new playground at the Zhanyua children’s home in Almaty City. Traveled with a team of 11 for one week to construct playground.

~ January 2010: Raised $1000 for a women’s prison in Almaty to purchase many items they were in desperate need of.

~ March 2009: Supplied orphans in Taraz and Qostanay with new toys, clothes and a celebration for the spring holiday of Nauryz.

~ January 2009: Sponsored every orphan at the Ulan orphanage in Taraz with a New Year’s gift and food.

~ September 2008: Two Hearts for Hope received the Angels in Adoption award from Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

~ January 2008 - Two Hearts for Hope is formed!