Monday, February 21, 2011

Nauryz: Mission Complete!

A genuine "thank you" to the families and individuals who felt called to help support three orphanages in March. With your support ALL 126 orphans will celebrate Nauryz with a party, small toy and book!

Thank you to the following:

The Siefer Family
Alison and Jeff Lyle
Regina and James Oleary
Victor and Kristi Tiller
Dennis and Darlene Fiorentino
William and Lisa Chaney
The Windsor Family
Michelle Burg
Kathy Sykora
Muriel Collison
Kari Vogt
Jennifer Collins
Denice Gustafson
Marla Beasley
Angela Reinoehl
Kimberley Morrison
Jacqueline Izzo
Maureen Powers
Marie-Claude Bedard
Lou Ann Quast
Teresa Blackburn
Janice Travers
Amanda Vigale

(For a complete list, see the post below)

We were overwhelmed with donations and are happy to report that we collected an extra $450! We will put the extra towards a Nauryz celebration in the city of Pavlodar. The Gobble Family has graciously agreed to throw the party when they return to Pavlodar to bring home their new daughters.

As always, we will post pictures when we get them!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are you one of the 27?

Only 27 more orphans left to support by March 20th! Are you one of the 27 people we need to make 126 orphans smile a little brighter on Nauryz?

Thank you so much to the following people who have answered our call to help these children:

Scott Peterson
Shauna Freiberger
Stephanie Hines
Ann Hochstetler
Robin Jonas
Regina Ruopoli
Davina Garrett
Lynda Robey
Beth Rosenberg Sanders
Elizabeth Cohen
Susan Serra
Karen Floyd
Mark Wood
Heather Roach
Jim Meta
Leesa Schlimgen
Jennifer Thompson
Alaina Falk
Holly Trawick
Erin Herman
Pamela Catania
Aaron Woods
Jodi Mechem
Quaintance Miller
Christine Kasianczuk
Susan Collins
Stacy Segebarth
Rose Hughes
Kate Ampleman
Kami Dykes
Laura Rosier
Mary Griffin
Kellie Walden
Julie Clifford
Donna Perkins

Please consider donating $15!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nauryz Celebration!

Help the children in Issyk, Karakastek, and Shelek celebrate the spring holiday of Nauryz by sponsoring an orphan.

March 22nd is the Kazakh holiday of Nauryz which celebrates the end of a long, cold winter and ushers in spring. Nauryz is generally celebrated with a great meal among friends and family. The holiday lasts for one month with cultural events, games, song and dance. The main theme of the holiday is joy and renewal.

Your $15 donation will sponsor 1 of the 126 orphans in three orphanages. Our goal is to provide a Nauryz party for the children who will otherwise not celebrate this traditional holiday. With your sponsorship, the child will receive a toy, candy, and a small book.

To donate visit our website or send a check to:

Two Hearts for Hope
P .O. Box 1928
Lebanon, MO 65536

You may specifiy which orphanage you want your donation to go to. All donations are tax-deductible.

Help us bring joy to these orphans!