Friday, February 4, 2011

Nauryz Celebration!

Help the children in Issyk, Karakastek, and Shelek celebrate the spring holiday of Nauryz by sponsoring an orphan.

March 22nd is the Kazakh holiday of Nauryz which celebrates the end of a long, cold winter and ushers in spring. Nauryz is generally celebrated with a great meal among friends and family. The holiday lasts for one month with cultural events, games, song and dance. The main theme of the holiday is joy and renewal.

Your $15 donation will sponsor 1 of the 126 orphans in three orphanages. Our goal is to provide a Nauryz party for the children who will otherwise not celebrate this traditional holiday. With your sponsorship, the child will receive a toy, candy, and a small book.

To donate visit our website or send a check to:

Two Hearts for Hope
P .O. Box 1928
Lebanon, MO 65536

You may specifiy which orphanage you want your donation to go to. All donations are tax-deductible.

Help us bring joy to these orphans!

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