Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Karakastek Day 2

This morning when we woke up it hit me when I was reading all of the comments that we really are here trying to make a difference in the lives of these orphans. The drive was a little quieter this morning just thinking about all of the sweet precious children that are in need of a mommy and a daddy to love them. It is not just here, there are orphans all over the world that need a home. If you have ever thought about adopting or you are now PLEASE follow your heart. Your life will forever be changed !! Ours has in more way than one!

When we arrived today we went straight to the Baby floor to give them some toys for their cribs and a bouncer to hopefully help with the atrophy in their legs. The babies in this specific BH are below average size and pretty understimulated. Most have never been out of their crib and most have never had a hug. I know from first hand experience that they are definitely not the healthy bouncing babies they should be. It make me sad that with just a little bit of love they could be so much! When we were handing out the toys their were a few that would yell out to us and even a few that yell MAMA. Yes I cried. I told the doctor today that I was going to bring them home in my backpack and she just smiles. Little does she know that I am serious :-)). They need mamas, send mamas!!! It amazes me how nice they are to us since we are here to help. They let us pick up the babies, take pictures, enter rooms and roams the floors. We even got to see the isolated babies (11 one year olds) today.

After we were done with the babies we went to the second floor where the 18 month-3 year olds (15 in the group) and the 3-7 year olds (22 the group) live. There are 2 seperate groups so first we seperated the toys for the proper age and then we started with the younger group. They sat so good for us to hand them out. I even took a video so you guys could see what a difference the little things are making. They we so excited with their new toys. We also brought them bananas. They each got their own. Then we made it down the hall to the older kids and passed out coloring books and crayons to each of them. They each got 2 toys and 3 cans of playdoh and some stickers. They were so excited, so excited and some of the kids built Beautiful things with the playdoh. We blew up some beach balls and played for awhile.

I asked about he availability on some of the children today and found out that most of the older children are unadoptable because one of their family members have not signed away their rights. It makes me sick that they don't have a better system here. So basically these children will grow up in an institution and be kicked out on the streets when they are 16. Makes my hearts sink that they will be sent to the children's home at age 7 and their innocence will be taken from them as they fend for there life. Being here as a guest you learn so much more about what is going on in the orphanages. Just trust me when I say that it is not a pretty situation when they arrive at the children's home. From Rape to selling children. How could people be so heartless?? I just keep thinking that those people will pay someday for their corruption, but it makes me sick that they are taking innocent children down in the meantime.

This has been a very emotional trip for me partly because I never thought I would be back and partly because I know my daughter could be one of these children that has no love, hope or family. As I sit here tonight in our hotel room I am thanking God that he brought me to Kazakhstan to adopt my precious Haven and for opening my eyes to the reality that their are children all over the world that are suffering. Knowing that we, all of you reading this, have helped bring hope, smiles and a little bit of love even for just 4 days, makes me smiles thru my tears. I know this time that we will be back, we will be back to love on these kids, we will be back to hug them tight, we will be back to Kazakhstan.
We miss you Kim and wish you were here. Next year my friend, next year!!!

There are 143 million orphans in the world. They know what it is like to be abandoned and afraid. Who will tuck them in at night or wipe their tears? Will you be one to make a difference in the lives of the orphans around the world???? Thank you for helping us make a difference!!

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Anonymous said...


We were happy to hear that one of the first things you did when you arrived was distribute some of the medical equipment that Kyle purchased. We hope it is put to good use, along with the wheel chairs. You are doing great work there that will have a lasting impact.

Buck Gashler

P.S. Kyle received official word last week that he earned his Eagle Scout award. Thanks again for working with him on such a noble project.

Kim said...

I just know that seeing this is going to turn a few hearts toward the path of adoption!!! Makes me want to do it all again.

Gretchen said...

Oh Stacy words cannot express all that I am feeling right now. You understand I'm sure. I want so badly to be there with you. I hope that in the coming years there will be a chance to go back to Karakastek. You are doing amazing things there. The kids are just precious. Thank you so much for doing this.

Susan said...

Stac-I can't stop crying. What you are doing is amazing. God bless!

Sara said...

Another morning and more tears streaming down my face. I'm in awe, Stacy. Truly, in awe.
So proud of you and Kim and everyone else who has helped makes these sweet children's lives a little happier. Much love and gratitude----

Muriel and Jerry said...

Thankl you a million times over. That second little baby has my heart. They are all so precious. I totally want to go next time.

McMary said...

The babies and children are so precious--I wish you could bring one back for me.
I am so glad that you are there and that the donations from Two Hearts can bring some joy and smile into their lives--I wish it could be like that for them always.
You are awesome.

Jen and Marshall said...

Oh Stacy. Bananas and toys? This is killing me. The photos are ripping my heart out. You are magnificent.

Regina said...

Everywhere I look I see Milo's face. It takes my breath away. I cannot even put into words the sadness I feel being reminded so vividly of these and other children stuck in the orphanages, and the reality they face. I want to go back yesterday. Thank you for doing so much for these precious children who have nothing. Your love and selflessness is such an inspiration. Much respect and gratitude to you.

Becki Stone said...

I am in awe at how pictures can be so moving. How an image of a child that could very well be my adopted child can not only bring tears to my eyes, but also pain to my heart. Stacy- you move me. You move me to help as much as I can. Thank you- this is a beautiful thing you are doing.

Henry's mom said...

I am loving following along everyday, I wish I was with you. Maybe next time.

I feel so emotional looking at all the children, it just ripes my heart in two knowing what these children are missing everyday.

Thank you so much for being there even if it is only for a week it will crave a place in there heart FOREVER!

You are the best!


Reese's Family said...

I keep looking at these kids and knowing God has a plan for them. Keep planting those seeds and good will grow. They are seeing Jesus in YOU! Seeing the kids play with the toys so sweetly just reminds me again how spoiled our kids are! Keep up the GREAT work! What's Brad thinking? Love, Kristen

teresab said...

Hey Stacy,
You are truly a wonderful Christian woman!!! Thanks for making a difference in these children's lives. I am crying looking at all their beautiful faces!!!!!! I want to go back to Kaz one day!!!! Take care...Love you

dnd82001 said...



Lindsay said...

Well, thanks alot. I am sitting at my desk reading yesterdays blog, and tears are streaming down my face. My kids are going to walk in any minute and here I sit crying. :) I can't believe Sabrina is still there. Put her in your backpack and bring her home to me! You guys are doing a wonderful thing! We are praying for you everyday! I love you! Be safe. Call when you get a chance.

Karen said...

Like everyone else here, tears are streaming down my face and I am in awe by what you are doing. It really hits home for me, especially seeing the older children. I'm just so amazed that Garrett's mother FINALLY gave him up for adoption at age five. Who knows what might've happened to him otherwise. I pray the same thing happens for these precious little ones.