Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mission Day 1

We have had a very eventful trip so far. In Springfield, MO it took us over 2 1/2 hours to check in because we had so many bags and they had no idea how to check them in. Then we found out we were booked on the wrong flights. They had us staying in London 2 days, so in Chicago we had to run to ticketing and see if they could change us to going to Almaty. That all got fixed and then when we got to London they made passengers that were between rows 26-30 (we were row 28)stay so they could question us about an "incident"! (never found out what it was). We had to call Ayman (our coordinator) in Almaty and let her know we were coming in a day early which sent everyone into a mad scramble to be at the airport at 2 am. When we landed in Almaty customs was a little scary trying to get 21 boxes, wheelchairs and suitcases through without having to pay. We did it and EVERY SINGLE thing made it!!!! Praise God!

Our time in Almaty has been FABULOUS. We got up had a great breakfast made by Ayman, attended a Russian speaking Christian church with about 75 Russian, Kazakh and American people in attendance. THAT was AWESOME to see His work here! Brad went to play Extreme Frisbee with the guys from church and Ayman and I sorted donations.

This morning we are off to Karakastek to love on the kids! We are excited and will update as soon as we can tonight with lots of pictures. We have DSL so it should be good.

Thank you everyone for your prayers!


Becki Stone said...

I can't wait to hear all about Karakastek!!! Give them some extra love for me!!!

Kristan and Mark said...

never a dull moment is it my friend? I remember being in Kaz with all of our luggage for 2 months for 4 people and the stares we got, I can only imagine the looks you got!

How wonderful it all made it and they didn't make you pay either!

Can't wait to see pictures and hear more. So many are sending you positive thoughts and prayers.
Lots of love,

keoghclan said...

Oh my gosh - you are there, you are there! Wishing you the very best of luck. I will be glued to the blog for the week now! Best of luck in Karakastek - so many the Dr., the same? is the BH director the same? Looking forward to lots of pictures.

It is amazing you are doing this.

The very best of luck for a successful week.

The Keogh's in Toronto