Monday, February 4, 2008

Donation of the month!!

I know we are all focusing on the cookbook efforts but let's not forget about the donation of the month!! The donation for this month are shoes and socks. If you take a look above, these are actual pictures of children's feet at the Karakastek baby home (which houses children up to age 7). Slippers and sandals with their toes hanging over, how sad is that! Doesn't every child deserve a new pair of shoes, just one time in their life??? Please consider donating even just one pair. Imagine the smile on that child's face when they get handed a new pair of shoes or socks!! Our shipping address is:

Two Hearts for Hope

P.O. Box 1928, Lebanon

MO 65536.

If you need a physical address please email us!! Thank you in advance!!!

And don't forget we only have 10 days left for recipes.......


1 comment:

Global Girl said...

You should try contacting Robeez for soft shoe donations. They just sent me 25 pairs to take to China. All I had to do was pay the shipping :)