Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cookbook submitted

Yesterday I sent the cookbook order form and all the text we want included to the publisher via Fed Ex. At the box I gave the envelope a little pat and wished it safe travels to Nebraska. We had to type all the recipes into this online software program and submit that too. That took a long time, especially proofing it, but last night I hit "submit" so there is no turning back! Not sure when we will get the proof back. The company says it takes 35-40 working days to complete the order, so maybe 28-30 days? Who knows! We are super excited to see the finished product.

This week we would like to say thank you to Michelle (Illinois), Mary (Minnesota), The Bennett Family (Virginia), Catalina (New York), Beth (Connecticut) and The Sale Family (Ohio) for their great donations. As of today we have; 288 pairs of shoes, 408 pairs of socks, 19 pairs of slippers, 68 sleepers/pajamas, 5 snowsuits, 9 coats, 10 tights and 13 hats!

We are continuously moved by your outpouring of love!


Thad & Ann said...

whoo-hoo on the cookbook, I'm so excited to see it.

Wow..288 pairs of shoes!! amazing.

Kristan and Mark said...

Wow, so much work put in to the cookbook, so much love. Thank you!

And wow! 288 shoes. Incredible!

As I was packing up my box, hopefully you will get it today,
I remember thinking that my box alone would not really make an impact, but then seeing what so many individuals together can do is amazing!

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Yeah! How do I order a few?