Thursday, October 6, 2011

40 Days of Prayer, day 9

Day 9: "Today, pray that God would break the heart of your city's pastors with the plight of orphans.  Ask that He would convict them to lead their churches to pray, go, and love in Jesus' name."

What Are The Benefits Of Short-Term Mission Trips?

·      A greater commitment to Christ and His plan.
Doing work for God, and seeing results, is like starting a fire. It is natural for it to continue and grow larger. Once you get a taste of it, you want more.  You will see first hand what breaks God's heart and you will have a greater desire to follow his command to care for orphans.

·      Advancement of the Kingdom of God.
Souls are usually won to Christ, churches are strengthened, missionaries are encouraged, by those taking short-term mission trips. No matter how big or small a project is you still are making a difference in the kingdom of God.

·      A better understanding of what it is like in other countries.
You realize that other countries and cultures are different. That other people have different ways of looking at life and doing things. Your thinking will expand to consider other ways of doing things which you never have before.

·      A better understanding of orphans and their universal needs.
You find out that children, though they may look different, are the same all over the world. They have the same feelings, hopes, and desires - they are human just like you are.  They need the same love and attention as your own children.  They have the right to care and love.  You will understand they deserve a better existence.  

·      A greater vision for missions.
When you see the need first-hand, orphans are not just statistics, but real children you will come to know and care about. Your heart will overflow with love while you are with the children and grieve for them once you return.  You will see that missions are an important part of any ministry, especially those that involve loving orphans.  You are more likely to come home and follow God's command to care for orphans.  

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