Sunday, October 2, 2011

40 Days of Prayer, day 5

Day 5: "Today, pray for the fatherless in your community.  Ask the Lord to protect them and to care for them and to defend them and keep them safe."

The fatherless=widows, strangers, and orphans.

Ideas to care of the fatherless in your community:
- Befriend an international student at your local university.
- Mentor a child through community organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.
- Volunteer at a retirement center.
- Organize a donation drive for any community organization supporting the fatherless.
- Reach out to foster families and offer to provide a day of respite care.

From Fields of the Fatherless:

"I believe when you strip Christianity down to its basics, this is what it means: to feed, clothe, and treat the fatherless as members of one's own family."

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