Friday, October 7, 2011

40 Days of Prayer, day 10

Day 10: "Today, ask the Father to set the lonely in families.  Pray specifically for families in your community who may be in the process of adopting an orphan.  Ask for God's provision for all their needs: physical, emotional and spiritual."

Adoption is a miraculous gift! It has changed our lives and because of it we are here serving the beautiful children left behind in the countries of our children's birth.

Christians are lovingly commanded by God to love others, particularly the innocent, the young, and the poor.  If you have ever felt even the smallest pang of curiosity about adoption, the merest flicker of interest in an orphaned child, ask God if he wants to fan it into a flame.  Then trust him to take care of the details.  As you consider adoption, focus on the resources you do have and let God take care of what you don't.

This Lord has greatly blessed our family through the gift of adoption:

N, adopted from Russia in 2005
J and H, adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007
E, adopted from Russia in 2009 
S, adopted from Kazakhstan in 2010

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