Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank you this week to...(Updated)

The DeSantis Family(RI), The Moore Family(MS), The Hochstetler Family(IN), The Vernon Family(MO), The Serra Family(FL) and an apology to The Mcnab Family(MN), she should have been on the list 2 weeks ago! Thank you Everybody!! We also want to thank Michelle (KS) for setting up a donation drive for us at the Midwest Kazakh gathering. We are calling it Christmas in July and will be accepting donations for anything on our yearly donations list. What a blessing to have such great support.

We also wanted to let everybody know that we have sold 140 cookbooks already, and they aren't even printed yet!! Thank you for helping us make a difference!!

This just in - Cyndi Keilin of Ohio has informed us that her preschool is going to organize a donation drive for the month of May! I was blown away when I read the email! How incredibly blessed we are to have such caring people helping these beautiful children in Kazakhstan. Thank you Cyndi!


McMary said...

Do you know where I can find out more about the midwest Kaz gathering?

Susan said...

I would say we're all blessed because of you ladies putting this noble cause together! :)