Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First shipment DELIVERED!

We just wanted to let everybody know that your first shipment of donations has made it to Hadassah's Hope. Liz was so excited yesterday and could not believe the amount of stuff we had collected. She was very grateful and very excited about being able to deliver everything to Kazakhstan personally!! They will be delivering it all in June. She said that she would take a video and pictures of the children receiving their things. She also said that these things would not be community property, the children will actually have something to call their own. They have a coordinator in country that finds out the number if children and their ages/shoe sizes so they can bring the correct sizes to the baby and children's homes. She also said that they will give them extra shoes for the new children that will come to the homes. This is all because of you guys. We could not be what we are without all of your support! Can you imagine the smiles that we will get to see. She also encouraged us to come on a mission trip with them. She said that if you have never experienced the baby homes while not adopting, you need to. It is totally different on the other side of the coin. They actually let you love on the kids and sleep at the baby homes. (not sure about that)You are a welcomed guest when you are there to help. If anyone is interested in the mission trip that they are taking this year email us and we will get you the info. We are going on the next trip for sure!!!

We also wanted to say Thanks to everyone that has bought a cookbook and sent in their sleepers! It is a huge blessing to be able to help the children in Kazakhstan that are waiting for their forever families!! We have sold over 100 cookbooks and have received numerous sleepers and pj's along with many other things! If you haven't pre-ordered your cookbook please do so. It turned out beautifully. For those of you that think it is Kazakh food, it is not. They don't sell enough Horse meat in America to make Kazakh dishes. :-) just kidding. It is a cookbook that was made with love from families who have Kazakh children or that are in the process to adopt a child from Kazakhstan. There were over 70 families that participated. It has over 200 pages and 298 recipes. ALL of the money collected from the sale of the cookbooks will go directly to the orphans of Kazakhstan. We had a very generous person pay for the cost of the books. We will have a vote for everybody that buys one on where they want there money spent. (i.e-playground, new cribs/beds, toys, etc).
Please consider purchasing a cookbook or sending in some donations of the month. We have set up a different donation for every month, all important to the well-being of the children. Please be sure to look at the list on the left hand side of this page. Thank you again and remember together we can make a difference!! Email us at hope4kazorphans@aol.com you have any questions!

List of March Donations:
1~Cold care kit

Thank you this week to Kim(California) and Ann(Indiana)!!


Susan said...

That is SO COOL! i AM SO GLAD you are doing this. What a great idea.

My pj's and coats were shipped today for delivery on friday. I know I am late on the coats, but i saw 2 today when i was getting jammies so I figured it was ok.

I would love to see the kiddo's getting the stuff. You're doing such an AMAZING THING.

Amazing grace-how sweet the sound. :)

Anonymous said...

I have posted your cookbook sale on my website....hope you get more orders.