Tuesday, March 4, 2008

February donation final count!

Ready to be shipped!!

We just wanted to update you on the February donation final count.
Clothes~ A 95 qt. and a 64 qt. plastic container full. It is to hard to break it down piece by piece on clothing.
We want everybody to know that you are making a difference even if you feel like you just have a few things to give. We got a letter this week that said "This is a great way for individuals to come together and as a whole make a difference!". That statement is so right, look at what a difference we have already made in just one month!

We will start taking cookbook pre-orders on March 15th. They can be purchased for $15 plus $2 for shipping. The shipping will be waived if you pre-order!! So count up how many you want and be ready to order.

We want to take this time to thank everybody that sent in donations this month! You are all angels in the eyes of these children!! Remember March is Sleeper/Pajama month!


Muriel and Jerry said...

I will send for sure...I just have to get my behind to the store. I would like 2 cookbooks 1 for me and one for the raffle at Kazapalooza.

Kristan and Mark said...

Oh my, how many cookbooks should I order?

I wrote about you girls on my blog yesterday. I'm always thinking what could I do that would really make a difference, that I over think and can never get myself to a starting point. And you girls didn't over think. You found a realistic way to start and get peoples attention.

Thank you!

Scarlett_333 said...

Just wrote about you on my blog- http://lwthep.blogspot.com/ Hope it helps!