Monday, May 6, 2013

Day One!

The 'dream' team (6 of us) connected successfully in Frankfurt and have not looked back one time!  After over 30 hours of travel we finally arrived in Ust-Kamenogorsk around 4pm on Sunday afternoon.    We then headed straight to the baby house and the 'real' emotions hit!   For many of us this was the first time we've been back in Kazakhstan since leaving with our precious babies through adoption.   Landing once again in our children's birth country felt like a piece of our hearts were reconnected.  Despite any hardships we faced through our amazing and miraculous personal adoptions, we all agreed that there is an amazing love for this country and the orphans left behind!

When arrived at the baby house we were quickly ushered back through the hallways to a back room with an amazing spread of food - a traditional Kazakh meal prepared for us by the director and staff.    We felt like royalty and could not have been more welcomed!  The meal was fabulous - it included amazing traditional Kazakh dishes, salads, etc.  (and YES, there was a horse dish and we ALL ate it and it was DELICIOUS!) (On a side note - we did not know it was horse until after we ate it!)

We enjoyed a wonderful meal with the director and about 10-12 of the staff.  It was truly an amazing opportunity.   :)  They are VERY thankful to Two Hearts for the windows and the improvements that they have done.

We then left the dinner area and headed to meet all the babies.  It was truly amazing, heartbreaking, and emotional to say the least.   There are 117 children from birth to age 4.   We saw, played with, and loved on around 60 of those children.  We all instantly connected with one or three of five of these precious angels.    There were emotions, tears (hidden from everyone except each other) and silent prayers. 

When it was time to rest, we sorted through and unpacked our bags and laughed, cried and shared how already touched and moved we all were.  

We all realize that this team, this group of people will never be the same - and it had only been one day!     We covet your prayers - this is emotional - this is tough - but, we all agree that KNOWING we are in God's perfect will at this EXACT moment of our lives is priceless!!

Written by: Lanetta Gobble

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Patti said...

God bless each and every one of you and all the lives of those children. I pray for you all!