Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day Four

Today was another amazing day for all of us.  We spent the morning loving on babies AGAIN.   The amount of time and pure freedom we've been given here at this baby house is unbelievable.    This freedom and trust has been amazing.   Almost everyone on our team has been blown away by the trust and kindness extended to us from the staff and director.  This is a complete testament to the incredible organization we are with! We are all HONORED to be apart of this amazing ministry.  Two Hearts for Hope IS proving hope to babies who desperately NEED and DESERVE it!

We decided as a team that we really wanted to take ALL the different groups of children out to play on the new playground today.  It was not hard to find a group of children... honestly you can find a HUGE group of orphans behind most doors around here and there are LOTS of doors.  Have we mentioned there are 117 children in this baby house ALONE!?!   You can hear children, see children and feel children around every corner and turn.   

We took groups out to play on the playground and we enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND!  After a few minutes of playing, laughing and catching kids at the bottom of the slide, I decided to step back for a second.   I then saw children - children running freely and carefree. Children who looked happy, relaxed, and normal.   They were loud and smiling and giggling... They were carefree and honestly I saw HOPE in their eyes and heard it in their laughter.

Tears began to stream down my face as I realized these are the same children who we've seen, played with and loved on for days... The same children that we've watched walk in straight lines in silence and somber... follow commands, dress themselves and follow the rigid regulations of the institutionalized life.   Hope....  I saw a bit of hope today!   Seeing that hope made me so happy because I also knew we were indeed showing them Jesus.

Later in the afternoon we were allowed to feed the children... Yes, I know - it was unbelievable!   For me this was the best part of the entire week.  It was honestly AMAZING!!!!   

We have SO much more to share, but NO TIME to write... the Internet cafe closes SOON - enjoy the pictures and know that when we get home there will be some posts from the team!!  We have LOTS to share!

PLEASE keep praying for us - we feel and covet your prayers!!!

Written by Lanetta Gobble

To see more pictures, visit our facebook page.


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SusanRB said...

Great work, great hearts I wish I was there with you. Continued success on your trip