Monday, April 25, 2011

Mission: RUSSIA!

Two Hearts has been invited to travel to Russia! Kim and Nanette will take a short term service trip to the Novgorod region where they will start to build relationships with the orphanage directors and meet the kids we will be supporting. The goal of this trip is to assess the needs of three specific orphanages; 1 baby home and two children's homes, where about 200 children reside.

Help us greet each child with a small gift! Your $10 donation will support 1 of the 200 orphans living in the three orphanages we will visit. We will purchase a beanie baby for each child before leaving the USA to present upon our arrival at the orphanages. Since there are only two people traveling we do not have the capability to travel with a lot of donations. To be good stewards of your donation, the rest will be put towards items specifically asked for and purchased in Russia by us.

Take a moment to think about these 200 children going to bed each night alone, each day is the same as the day before. Nothing is ever new and they hardly have anything to call their own. Help us show love to the children and bring a little excitement to their lives.

To donate visit our website or send a check to:

Two Hearts for Hope
P.O. Box 1928
Lebanon, MO 65536

The deadline to support this project is May 10th. 200 kids in 15 days, we can do it!!!

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