Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Generosity in action

Yesterday we sat back and watched God work in the lives of the Russian children. We started the day with only 25 orphans supported and went to bed with 22 LEFT to support! This morning we woke up and only have 14 to go!

Thank you so much to the following people who have donated/pledged to support Mission: Russia!

Ann Hochstetler
Beth Rosenberg Sanders
Muriel Collison
Antares Foundation
Laura Rosier
Kami Dykes
Kim Jury
Stacey Pynn
Kimberly Hinderegger
The Snyder Family
The Ruopoli Family
Paula Chaffin
Dustin Stone
Carolyn Tarpey
Maureen Powers
Sandi Arbolino
James Brad York
Holly Trawick
Melissa Heaton
Philip Brotherton
Jodi Mechem
Barbara Hines
William Combs
Julie Rolfes
Marla Davison
Jennifer Collins
Khadine Kubal
Mary Swarts
Mitzi Hicks
The Sykora Family
Kimberley Morrison
Kim Glass
Elizabeth Cohen
Trudi Behr
Jennifer Heckert
Theresa Craft
Patricia Hoffa
Kristan Struck
Mary Griffin
Melaney Sems
Marianna Herron
Kathleen Walker
Stacey Pynn
San Aye Tin
Susan Serra
Amanda Vigale
The Falk Family
John Archambault
Jim Hansen
The Friesen Family
The Siefer Family
Julie Clifford
Darleen Doan
Robin Windsor
Angie Jackson
Doretta Roderick
The Ballard Family

14 kids in 13 days, we can do it!

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