Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exciting news!

We are very excited to announce that Two Hearts for Hope will be branching out to Russia! We welcome Nanette Korepanov to our team as our new Russia Coordinator!

The number of orphans in Russia is staggering. Recent estimates put the total number of orphaned children, children that have either no parents or have been abandoned by their parents, at 800,000. Some have lost parents to death, many have been orphaned because of economic factors, alcohol abuse and other social problems.

Many children leave the orphanages as young as 16 years old with a passport and the equivalent to $30. Statistics show that only one out of 10 orphans becomes a functional member of society. During their FIRST year out of the orphanage 60% are prostituted, pregnant or convicted of a crime, 50% become addicted to alcohol and drugs, 60% are homeless and unemployed, and 15% commit suicide. Millions of Russian children live on the streets and in underground sewers with little to no food, clothing or medicine.

Two Hearts for Hope is working with the orphans in Russia, specifically western Russia, to help provide hope and the basic necessities these children lack through the programs we organize and the donations we collect.

Over the next few months we will take the beginning steps to what we pray is a long relationship with the children in Russia. Please check back for updates or follow us on facebook to see how God leads us to help these children!

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