Sunday, May 2, 2010

Almaty Day 1

Sunday, 4/1/10 - 10:05 pm
We landed this morning at 2:00 and were brought to our house. The house we are living in has three floors. The first floor has the kitchen, bedroom for the lady who lives here, and three bathrooms. The second floor has all the bedrooms and a living room. Susan and Sean have one room with a double bed, Jillian/Ann/Gretchen/Alaina have a room with two bunk beds, Christy/Christie have a room with two bunk beds, Chris is in the living room on a couch bed and Stacy/Kim have a bedroom with two bunk beds. It is very close living and we feel like we are at sleep away camp. Susan has even dazzled us with her wide array of camp tunes!
This afternoon we were picked up at 1:00 to go to our hosts house. We had a nice meeting to go over our schedule, got to meet more of the Almaty staff and had a fabulous dinner. It was so awesome to be able to sit and talk with the Kazkah's about their culture, history and talk about our children. It was a great way to start the week.
Tomorrow we are up and out by 7. Goodnight!


Jenny said...

Glad everyone made it safely. Hope you all get a good night of rest and recover from the long flight. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures throughout the week.

Denice said...

WooHoo! You guys go bless those beautiful, precious little Kazakh kids! So wish I was with you! I'm sure there's many of us that will be anxiously checking the blog for daily updates!

God's blessings and protection over you all!

Kristan and Mark said...

You are starting your day as we head off to sleep. I know it will be a great one. When needed put on music and Susan will sing and show off some of her dance moves, :)

Love you all!