Thursday, May 6, 2010


Thursday May 6th -

Today we were out of the house by 7 am to get on the road to Karakastek. It was about an hour and a half ride through the country. The baby house is literally in the middle of nowhere and in pretty bad shape. We brought 12 bags of donations, in them were shoes, cloth diapers, clothes, medical supplies, mattress pads and crib sheets. The director and doctor were very excited and appreciative of the items.

We visited with the babies first and got to hold them for a long time. Then we played with the toddlers. Boy was that hard. We walked into the room and every one of them ran up to us screaming "mama, mama." It was the saddest thing. The little girls loved our necklaces and the little boys wanted to sit on our laps and snuggle. We did some crafts with them and handed out the bananas we purchased. We go back on Saturday and will have a small party and play outside.

In September there were about 85 orphans at this baby home, today there were probably 60. 3 years ago there were about 120-150. It was very encouraging to see the numbers dwindling but still so hard to be there among the poor conditions and lack of care these babies receive. The smell is overwhelming and a little hard to deal with at first. The caretakers don't really change the babies diapers all that often and keep them in cribs for a very long time each day. Both are frustrating to see and hard to ignore.

After the orphanage we went to lunch and sightseeing. Tomorrow we visit the special needs orphange to bring the wheel chairs and have the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Children's Complex. Our team in Kaz was able to get a food company to donate ice cream for all the children and there are rumors of media coverage.

Please pray for our team. There are a few members that have become sick over the last few days and run down. We are needing energy and sleep.


Denice said...

Wow, it is amazing that the numbers have gone down so much since we were there almost 4 years ago! Still breaks my heart though...I wish I could bring them all home!

I am praying for strength and health for you all. Just know there are so many of us back "home" covering you all in prayer!! I know the Lord is doing wonderful things through you all!!

Blessings to you all!!

lisa said...

You guys are saints...thats all I can say. Thanks for all of us future Mamas for loving on our babies!

Heckert's Highway said...

Wow, just reading this brings me to tears!!! It takes me right back to being there in Kaz getting my girl. My heart just breaks for those children. I'm so happy that they had someone to wrap their arms around them and tell them they are loved.

You guy are so awesome!! Please give them extra loves from me too!!! God is using you all in those sweet little ones lives!

God Bless You!!!