Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 4

Wednesday, May 5th 10:00 pm.

What an emotionally draining day. We spent all day inside with the children playing games. The team broke up into three smaller teams to visit different groups. The first group Stacy and I visited was a room with 7 kids, ages 8-11. We did crafts and then took them outside to play with chalk and bubbles. The other teams played Uno and Twister with the kids.

Today was the first full day we were able to be with the kids for a long period of time and could put all our energy into them. We were really hit with hard emotions. It is very hard to look at them and know they have no mother. They have no father. The last group we were in had a few 15-16 year olds. They told us about this little girl they were friends with and she was adopted by Americans in 2003. They said she "went to America and we never hear from her. How come no Americans come for us?" They brought out a photo album that had pictures of these girls from when they were very young, maybe 8. It was so incredibly sad on many levels.

It is amazing to us that all these children want is to be hugged. To be acknowledged by us with a smile, hand shake or a warm embrace. Even the smallest act of rubbing a back brings a smile to their faces.

The hardest part are stories like Medina's-she was born in Uzbekistan and brought over the border. She can never be adopted because her paperwork isn't right. She is a beautiful, sweet little girl who will never know the love of a family because of paperwork. Sometimes the injustice in this world is too much for us.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Karakastek orphanage. Still no way to upload photos.
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Anonymous said...

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for your dedication to the orphans in Kaz! Thanks for keeping us updated via the blog too.

Karakastek tomorrow, many mixed emotions there for me. I want to go back there one day, take K and let him see his first "home", and show them how well he is doing now.

Take care,
The Hollis Family

Heckert's Highway said...

Wow, so incredibly heartbreaking, but so needed. Our interpreter while in Kaz was one of those children who never got adopted. She remembers groups like yours who came with toys and games and clothes. They also told her about God and it planted the see that later brought her back to asking Him in her heart. It is a beautiful story and I'm so happy that you all are there planting seeds! Have a great time at Karakastek.

Lots of prayers,

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

awesome update... heartbreaking, but so REAL!
Praying for everyone daily!

Jaimie said...

I have enjoyed catching up on the blog. It's amazing and incredibly heartwarming to hear everything that has gone on in such a few short days. I would love to be part of this too one day!(maybe next year?) Hello to everyone and can't wait to see you all at the Kazapalooza! Gena Lloyd

Denice said...

Oh my gosh...I just sit here with tears, my heart literally hurts just thinking about these poor, sweet children that will never know what it feels like to have a Mom and Dad tell them they love them, hug them, kiss them, pray with them, fight for them, play with them, be with them when they are sick, scared or hurting.... completely heart wrenching. I thank God that you guys are there to spend time with them, and like Jenn said, plant seeds! ~ Continuing to pray for the work you guys are doing there. I am so anxious for you guys to Karakastek (I'd be an emotional mess!)
Bless you all,

Lisa said...

Sending our thoughts, support and encouragement. The difference you are making to these children is without measure.....and in so many ways I know they return a gift equally priceless.

Tomorrow you head to our daughter's Babyhouse, Karakastek, and I know 7 years ago it had very limited resources. We have sent donations over the years via our agency but from now on will also give to your worthy organization.

I have tears from watching the video as its so hard to fathom the great need that exists for the so many left behind.

Such a beautiful mission and our family thanks you.