Friday, September 23, 2011

Lift off!

We are off to Kazakhstan!

Please keep Stacy, Chris, Lance, Emily, Susan, Sean, Lori and Keifer in your prayers as they travel the long distance to Kaz.

Pray that each team member is lifted up on this journey and their hearts are open to whatever the Lord has planned for them.
Pray for safe travel with no delays.
Pray for the team's health and safety.
Pray for everyone our team will meet in Kazakhstan, especially the children. Let the light of Jesus shine through each team member as we do His work.
Pray the Lord will bless the families of our team members and help them manage in their absence.

We go on mission trips for three main reasons: to create an awareness, build relationships, and to encourage personal and spiritual growth for all participants.

Pray the projects we have planned are able to help us accomplish these three main goals and that the work the Lord has called us to do will be done in a manner pleasing to Him.

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