Thursday, September 2, 2010

Water filtration update

This week our team in Kazakhstan began working on the water filtration systems for the Karakastek orphanage. When they started to drill the pipes were crumbling into dust and 6 faucets needed to be replaced. We decided that we needed to replace all of the pipes leading into the places that the water filters were being installed. The director has asked for government assistance to replace plumbing but have yet to receive it.

We are installing 8 systems:
- 3 on the baby floor, floor 3
- 4 on floor 2 where the older children live (bath, brush their teeth and drink)
- 1 larger unit in the cafeteria where they prepare all the food.

We were also asked to install 8 soap dispensers in the bathroom, one by each sink on the older children's floor. Right now the children are using laundry soap to wash their hands so of course we said yes to helping provide this basic necessity. In addition to the soap, each child received a new toothbrush and toothpaste.

Pictures of the progress coming soon!


Gretchen said...

Awesome! I cannot wait to see the pictures. :)

Muriel and Jerry said...


Lisa said...

Our family is thrilled to read this news~~~ the Kazapalooza weekend was amazing on so many levels and if feels as if our weekend of fellowship will collectively leave important footprints in its wake, long after the photos are tucked into albums.

Thank you!!!
Lisa Mama to one of those Karakastek cuties!!