Friday, June 25, 2010


This past weekend we were in Milwaukee at Kazapalooza. We were chosen to be the charity this year to which all proceeds from the raffle on Saturday went.

On our recent trip to Kazakhstan we were approached by the orphanage doctor asking for help in purchasing a water filtration system. Our board decided that this is a fantastic way to improve the lives of the orphans at Karakastek. Our fundraising goal was $3000. With this money we will purchase 6 water systems and 24 replacement filters.

The Karakastek orphanage is located in the Almaty region and is home to children age birth to 7 years old. The baby home houses anywhere from 75 to 125 at a given time. It is a village orphanage that is only supported by the local government and is very poor and under funded. The children lack proper nutrition, are very small and often sick. Part of the reason for their sickness and malnutrition is poor water conditions. Most children adopted from Karakastek come home with bacteria or parasites that are caused by drinking or ingesting contaminated water. Just looking at statistics of children that are adopted with parasites we are sure that many of the children still waiting for a family are also infected. We can change their diets or supply vitamins but it will only do so much if the water is not also changed.

We are so happy to report that the wonderfully generous families at Kazapalooza raised $5581 for our project!

The systems will be purchased and installed in July. Thank you Kazapalooza for choosing Two Hearts and thanks to all the great families for your support!

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