Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 20th!

Please remember that March 20th is the last day to make a donation for the children in Qostanay.

Our thanks to the following families for their donations to date:

The Falk Family (IN)
The Hochstetler Family (IN)
Evelyn Willis (NY)
Maureen Powers (TX)
Leesa Schlimgen (WI)
Inga Bass (MS)
The Floyd Family (OH)
Sabina Colangelo and family (NJ)
Mary McNab (MN)
The Morgan Family (AL)
The Robey Family (MD)
The Moore Family (MS)
Margaret Kammerud (PA)
The Bilbro Family (TN)
The Miller Family (MI)
The Elrod Family (IL)
Nicole and JD Hanks (SC)
Brenda Menard (RI)
Daniel Soukas (PA)
Sandi Martin (FL)
Renee Rudis (TN)
Allison Donohoe (PA)
Jonathan Bumgarner (TX)
The Stone Family (OH)
The Combs Family (IN)
The Tuttle Family (PA)
The Hoffa Family (PA)
Jennifer Bryson (KY)
The Brody Family (CT)
The Miller Family (IA)
The Serra Family (FL)

We would also like to thank the following families for the donations we received this week:

The Hochstetler Family (IN)
The Elrod Family (IL)
The Owens Family (FL)
The Palazini Family (RI)
The Wood Family Family (TX)
The Kudwa Family (MI)

Don't forget March is pajama month!!

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