Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We are happy to report that we have had a great response to our Nauryz Celebration campaign. Thank you to the following families who responded within the first 24 hours of our posting:

Carrie Brody (CT)
Jennifer Bryson (KY)
William Combs (IN)
Allison Donohoe (PA)
Tricia Hoffa (PA)
Sarah Miller (IA)
Betty Nusbaum (MO)
Renee Rudis (TN)
Michelle Steinley-Bumgarner (TX)
Rebecca Stone (OH)
Susan Serra (FL)
Kirsten Tuttle (PA)

Please consider donating $10 to help bring joy to the orphans as they celebrate the Kazakh holiday of Nauryz. Your donation will make it possible to provide a cake celebration, books and small toys for the orphans. You can make a donation on our website,, until March 20th.

Thank you to the following families for the great donations this week:
The Altschuler Family (CT)
The Bilbro Family (TN)
The Birnett Family (VA)
The Blackburn Family (AL)
The Clark Family (AL)
Angie Frakes (WA)
Nika Guida (NY)
The Sumner Family (MA)

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Rayna said...

what a great organization! i am going to spred the word about it! thanks for stopping by my blog :)