Monday, April 14, 2008

Would you go the quarter mile for an orphan?

Hadassah’s Hope has started the Quarter Mile program to help offset the costs of adoption as well as bless the children in Kazakhstan.

Did you know that if you took a quarter and stacked it end to end for a mile it would be over $16,000? That would be an amazing way to offset the cost of 10 international adoptions along with supporting the orphans.

We are asking that you join us in partnering with them to fill at least 1 tube. Pass the word along to your family, friends, churches or businesses.

We will send you a tube to fill with quarters. This will equal about $15. Think of the difference you could make if you just looked under your sofa or in your car for quarters!

For more information and to get your tube(s) please email us at . If you ordered a cookbook already and want a quarter tube, please let us know we and will ship them together to save on extra shipping costs.

Thank you this week to The Rauch Family (CT), The Montoro Family (CT), The Woods Family (CA), The Cohen Family (CT), and The Bilbro Family (TN).


Kristan and Mark said...

Yes, please stick a tube in with my cookbook order.

Great idea!!

Thad & Ann said...

this is a great idea! please include a tube in my order. thanks!

McMary said...

Please put a tube in my cookbook order also.