Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank You and Board of Directors

Thank you to The Elrod Family (IL), Nancy's Place (MO), The Stevens Family (MO), The McNab Family (MN), The Sarduy Family (FL) and a family in Franklin, MA. We are sending out another shipment today. We have as many boxes as we did last time and we are so excited for the kids in Kaz to receive their stuff. Just picture their faces! We wish we could send them all a family but unfortunately that is not possible, so we will send them some hope and love in a box of things to call their own!

Our cookbooks are in! We received half of our order today and the other half will be here early next week. As soon as we have the complete order we will begin to ship your books! Here's a sneak peak:

Also this week we have elected a Board of Directors. We have five women that have accepted and are waiting on one woman to respond. If everybody accepts we will have 8 people on our Board including Kim and I. We will announce their names and also have a link to read all about them. Thank you ladies for accepting these responsibilities. We look forward to working closely with you all to make Two Hearts for Hope the best it can be! Our first meeting will have lots on the agenda!

This is what we have collected in April so far:
Art Supplies

Don't forget to purchase your cookbook if you haven't already done so. Also we are now accepting monetary donations if you would rather us shop for you just let us know and we will. Quarter tubes are here so email us if you would like some!!

Remember Coats for April and Hygiene products in May!


Muriel and Jerry said...

What did you buy with our donation? Just curious. The cookbooks look great.

Thad & Ann said...

oh, the cookbooks look great! wowzer on the shipment..that is so awesome!

The Keilin "K"rew said...

Thank you! We received our cookbook! :) They are awesome - hope anyone who is considering purchasing one does so - they won't be disappointed.

One of Logan's preschool friends brought in the quarter collection tubes to request collection from the children - and we'll be sending in the donations for May (from the entire Aurora Co-op Preschool) soon too! :)