Monday, April 8, 2013

Elevator Project - EXCITING NEWS!

On Friday morning we woke up to the most unexpected and amazing email from a friend helping us with the organizing of the elevator project....

Here is what part of the email said:

"I have some very exciting news for you!!! I spoke to my friend and she just had an orphan awareness tea this past weekend to raise awareness and also to help raise funds for the lift project. Guess how much she raised??? I couldn't believe it when she told me! She raised $4000 at this event!!! Isn't that the difference of what you've raised so far to add up to what we need! I was just shocked when she told me the news! I shouldn't be utterly amazed at what God does and how He does it and who He uses to do His work just because I've seen Him do amazing things before, but I am! To God be the glory and praise for the things He has done!!!"

We are very excited to announce that the elevator project has been FULLY funded!  

We love it when it's very clear to see how miraculous God is!  This is just further confirmation that God does bless those who hear and obey His call to defend the least of these.  We can't wait to see pictures of His precious children being able to go outside for the first time!  

As you know we had planned to have a raffle for this project.  Since it is no longer needed we will kick off our latest project with a raffle to begin on April 15th!  Details coming soon!

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