Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 4

Today was very exhausting day. We arrived at the orphanage around 3 pm and visited with 5 groups of children. The children all knew we were coming and that we had gifts. Most of the kids were quietly sitting when we walked in their "apartment" with expectant looks on their faces.

We spent about a half hour in each room. Some of the kids were very interested in us, some were not. One of the hardest things for me to watch is the "pecking order" in the groups. A few times today I witnessed the older kids picking on the little ones and it drives the mom in me crazy. My instincts tell me to step in for the little ones and it is very hard to stay quiet, but I do.

This boy standing up was caring and kind to the other kids in his group. He waited until every child had a bear and then he chose. He is 16 and is part of the "Children's Committee" that watches out for the other kids. He is a very talented woodworker. Pray for him.

These kids were the most interested in us. They were very animated and asked many questions about us and America. They were very polite and asked us to come back soon. Pray for them.

This little boy was FASCINATED with my camera. He was amazed that he could look into and then see his picture. Pray for him.

These boys wanted us to watch them dig a river in the sand. Pray for them.

After we finished our visit in the first building we walked over to the second housing building to await our driver. As soon as we walked onto the playground the children came racing over to see us. We played a quick game of "duck duck goose" with about 15 kids, ages 10-18. Unfortunately we do not have any pictures of that. It was hysterical to watch the kids figure out that their best chance of winning was to tap either Nanette, Julia or I and race us.

When the game was over my camera became a big hit. The kids asked us to take their pictures over and over again. Quickly our following grew to 20 children. Some wanted to practice their English and some wanted to ask us about America. We received many hugs and I was kissed a few times by a very cute admirer.

Some of the kids saying goodbye. Pray for them.

We will be back to visit on Monday.



McMary said...

They are such beautiful children. The pictures break my heart--I can't imagine how it must be for you.
I will be praying for all of them.

minime0910 said...

Praying for all of them. Safe travels. Erin and Hannah