Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

2010 was our most successful year to date! We were able to support 6 different orphanages, a prison and two needy individuals. With your support we raised well over $100,000!

January 2010 - Two Hearts supplies donations to a women's prison in Almaty, Kazakhstan!

After receiving a request from the Ministry of Justice in Almaty, we collected donations for this women's prison that also has a baby home. They were in desperate need of many items and we were able to provide: diapers, shelving, 2 strollers, 14 radiators, 2 irons, a microwave, 25 pots and pans, sterilizers, baby wraps, toys, sheets and blankets, 100 plates/spoons and cups, potty chairs, 3 sleds and outdoor clothing for the orphans!

May 2010 - Playground at the Children's Home in Almaty City complete!

The 2 Hearts 2 Kaz 2010 mission team traveled to Almaty City for 10 days to construct a playground at the largest orphanage in Kazakhstan. The Children's Complex houses 350 orphans, age 5-16. We also took 23 bags of donations with over 3500 items, including 7 wheelchairs, that were given to 4 orphanages in the Almaty region.

June 2010
- On our recent trip to Kazakhstan we were approached by the orphanage doctor at the Karakastek baby home asking for help in purchasing a water filtration system. Our board decided that this is a fantastic way to improve the lives of the orphans at Karakastek. Our fundraising goal was $3000. With this money we will purchase 6 water systems and 24 replacement filters.

September 2010 - Our first annual Walk for Kaz was a great success! Our goal for the walk was to raise money to put towards the $10,000 we need for the 100 Beds for Sleepyheads Campaign. With the help of the 104 registrants and sponsors, Walk for Kaz raised $10,123.28! We are overwhelmed, shocked, amazed and genuinely thankful that we will be able to purchase 100 new beds and 100 new mattresses for the children at the Ulan Orphanage in Taraz, Kazakhstan.

October 2010 - We were contacted by a representative from an orphanage in the region of Shelek, Kazakhstan, about 100 miles north of Almaty. She informed us of the overwhelming need facing the 47 mostly special needs children at this orphanage. Hardly any adoptions are ever done from this orphanage and because it is so small, it is often overlooked by the government. It truly has no support. In addition to lacking basic necessities for the children, they also have no toys or games. We were able to purchase a new refrigerator, washing machine, snow suits, diapers, clothes, and toys/games. We look forward to continuing our support of this orphanage in the future.

November 2010
- In July we were introduced to Lada Khon who was in need of a very urgent heart surgery. Lada's Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) was closed by a procedure known as cardiac cauterization*. When she went in for surgery the doctors thought the hole was only 1.5 cm but upon seeing the defect they realized it was 2.5. The doctors told Lada's parents that without this surgery she probably would have not made it much longer. She should live a normal full life now.

Thank you to our supporters who continue to bless our ministry and the orphans in Kazakhstan. Happy New Year!

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aultfamily said...

This is OUTSTANDING! Way to go Two Hearts for Hope! Love the way God is working through you. :)