Saturday, July 31, 2010


We have been asked to find sponsors for a child in Kazakhstan that is is need of Urgent Heart Surgery. Of course this is something that is very close to our hearts. As most of you know, and for those that do not, Kim's daughter had a very serious heart defect that she was born with and without surgery she could have died. So when we received this request we knew it was something we had to help with.

Meet Lada Khon:

She was born in Taraz, Kazakhstan on June 1,2001 with a very serious heart defect. Since the beginning of her life she has suffered many problems. Her hair didn't grow, she had difficulties breathing, frequent nose bleeds, and the pressure in her lungs was twice as much as it should have been. Her parents found sponsors and had one surgery in 2006, but during that surgery the doctors saw that there were more defects and if they tried to fix them then she wouldn't have survived, So they only did half of it. They said later, they did what usually is done in 3 operations. Now she urgently needs another one. In Kazakhstan this type of surgery is not possible, so she has to travel along with one parent to the Moscow Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery. They can not schedule this surgery until they have the money and this surgery cost $8000.00 not including airfare to Moscow and the parents hotel stay while they are there. Her parents love her and pray for her daily but can not afford this surgery. Can you imagine being helpless and watching your child suffer and not being able to help? We can help and with your support we can get Lada the operation she needs.

We know that with everyday that passes Lada could die. We have a generous donor that said they would match up to $4000.00, so technically we are already half way there. We are in desperate need of donors today to help us raise the other half of the cost of her surgery. You can donate via the paypal button on the right sidebar or by visiting our website. 100% of what you donate is tax deductible. You can also mail a check to Two Hearts for Hope, PO Box 1928, Lebanon, MO 65536. Make sure to put Lada Khon in the memo.

We have all supporting documents (they have not been translated to english yet) that we can show you if requested proving that this little girl needs us NOW. Please email us at if you have any questions about Lada or her surgery.

Thank you for helping us provide a life saving operation for Lada Khon!!

We did get back the translated medical records and this is her diagnosis:

DIAGNOSIS BEFORE SURGERY in 2006: ventricular septal defect (antigen); Preductalcoarctation of the aorta, tricuspid valve insufficiency (3 level or degree), pulmonary valve insufficiency (2 level).

DISCHARGE NOTES FROM 2006: Septal defect (antigen), Open Ductus arteriosus
insufficiency of Tricuspid valve (level 2).

If you would like to review any of this please let us know.

Please consider helping Lada today!

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