Sunday, January 25, 2009

From Kaz

We wanted to share this picture with you -

Anna recently traveled to Kazakhstan and brought a donation box with her. She repots back that her box was very well received by the orphanage director. Thank you Anna!

If you are traveling soon and would be interested in taking a box with you, please contact us at

By donating a little luggage space, you are making a big impact in Kaz!

Thank you this week to the following families for your donations-

The Blackburn family (AL)
The Fordham Family (NY)
The Hoffa Family (PA)
The Kitzman Family (KY)
Mary McNab (MN)
The Moore Family (MS)
The Stevens Family (MO)

Remember this month we are collecting hats and gloves!

Also, please check out our website,, and purchase a raffle ticket! Our baby bundle will be great for anyone expecting a baby in 2009 or knows of someone that is!

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Where was that, where Anna was?