Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank you!

This week we thank the following families for their wonderful donations:

Mary Mcnab (MN), The Blackburn Family (AL), The Bilbro Family (TN), The Strieby Family (CA), The Hoffa Family (PA), Angie Frakes (WA), The Nunes Family (NJ), The Crump Family (MO), The Young Family (MO), Jennifer Popes (MO), Angie Twenter (MO), Karletta Griffin (MO), The Wood Family (TX), and Ann Sloan (SC)!

We are happy to report that four more donation boxes are being delivered to Kazakhstan. Thank you to The Cullinan Family for taking two boxes to Karakastek; The Dosetter Family for taking a box to Karaganda and The Beasley Family. We are grateful for your help in making the children in Kazakhstan live just a little bit easier.

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