Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giving back

A couple of weeks ago we sent a 40 lb box of donations with the Serra Family to Kostanai, Kazakhstan. Papa Serra was traveling back for court and graciously offered to bring along some donations. Here is part of what Susan had to say about giving back:

"The head nurse, accountant, the head teacher were present, along with us and Tatiana. Tatiana explained about what Two Hearts for Hope was, and how much we all love the children of Kazakhstan. They were SO excited! Stacy also sent us a check for $150 for formula and bottles. It was really wonderful to be able to present this to them. THANK YOU AGAIN KIM AND STACY! I am excited for this to be our family charity when we get home to keep raising money for these adorable children!"

Isn't it wonderful to see how your donations are helping the children?! If you would like to take along a donation box please contact us.

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BabyKazfan said...

actually, it was a 50 lb box. :)

It was so WONDERFUL to be able to explain to them what 2 Hearts was and to see them so excited with these wonderful gifts, purchased from the heart. In fact, after the suana the other day, the lil knit hats that were knitted and included in the donations, were put on the kids heads to keep them warm after sauna time. My eyes got teary eyed to see them being used already! I also forgot to tell you, that at court, after our court hearing and while we were waiting for the judge to come back, Tatiana explained about the concept of 2 Hearts for Hope to the Inspector of Custody and she was impressed (I think). She was nice and smiled, so I think that she was happy. :)