Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This week....

We want to thank The Willis Family (WA), The Keilin family (OH) and The Sykora Family (CT) for their donations.

We want to give a special recognition to Inga Bass for creating a new logo for us. She has donated her time to make it and we appreciate it so much! She has also volunteered to create a new web site when we are ready to go .com . Thank you Inga!!

We also want to say thank you to Southern Heights Christian Church of Lebanon MO for collecting money and toys for the children of Kazakhstan. This week they are having a Vacation Bible School and the mission of the week is Two Hearts for Hope!

Yesterday they brought in over 50 toys and everyday the children are learning about life in orphanages. They are asking lots of questions and we think they are starting to understand why it is important for us to take care of the children left behind. It is so exciting to see little minds learn the importance of orphan care and adoption!

Just a reminder that July is toy month!!

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