Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And the winner is........ ***Updated***


We are so excited to announce the first winner of our raffle of the month. Stay tuned for the next raffle that will begin on June 18. We have some AWESOME raffle items!

We also want to to let everybody know that Two Hearts has been accepted into a program called The Sports gift network. It is a group of charities and other organizations providing a gift of sports to impoverished children around the globe. To read more about this program please visit http://www.sportsgift.org/ . We are now a part of their network and hope that many people choose our organization to donate to.

This week we want to Thank:

The Blackburn Family (AL), The Kudwa Family (MI), The Strieby Family (CA), Nancy Birnbaum (VA), Angie Frakes (WA), The Calton Family (MO), Nancy's Place (MO) and The Tucker Family (MO).

Don't forget if you are traveling soon or know somebody that is traveling soon, please refer them our way. We would LOVE to ship them a box (free of charge) with lots of wonderful things for the orphans. We pay for all of the shipping, we just need your word that it will make it to some baby or children's home in Kazakhstan. Yes we know it sounds to good to be true, but it is not!! We have a lot of great things in inventory now so please contact us at hope4kazorphans@aol.com .

June is Art/coloring/school supplies!!

We wanted to let everyone know that we sent a check to Hadassah's Hope for the amount of $5000.00 dollars from the cookbook sales. They are leaving on their service trip next week and are taking the money to split between Taraz and Karakastek. They will ask the baby and children's home director's what they specifically need and will purchase the items in country. They are also taking 10 boxes of items that we have donated. We are so excited to see the little ones faces receive all of their donations!!!!!

If you want to follow along on their journey they have a blog that they will be updating from Kazakhstan. www.fromorphanstoesthers.blogspot.com

Thank you ALL again for your support, this would not be possible without you!!!

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